Sturm, Ruger & Company

-$0.12 (-0.2%)
Closing price September 22, 2023
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Strong consumer demand for firearms helped Smith & Wesson deliver growth and market share gains in its firearms business in fiscal 2020.
Investors and speculators can find a reason to trade almost any sort of instrument based on current events. These are the top security, gun and related movers from Monday.
Shares of the so-called gun stocks have reacted to the news of two mass shootings over the weekend, even if they look muted compared with prior reactions to mass shootings.
Sturm, Ruger shareholders voted to require company to report on its efforts to make guns safer. The company said it would comply and that the requirement does not change "what we stand for."
Along with a downbeat earnings report and even more downbeat guidance for its 2019 fiscal year, Vista Outdoors announced this morning that it plans to sell off its Savage Arms gun manufacturing...
Asset management firm BlackRock said last week that it has been meeting with gun makers and retailers to find out how they are responding to the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.
Several U.S. companies are re-evaluating their relationship with the National Rifle Association following the school shooting last week in Florida.
Worse-than-expected earnings have been part of the problem at Sturm Ruger. Based on gun sales trends, the problem could get worse.
Ford lost a key executive due to inappropriate behavior, Toy "R" Us will close more stores, a Federal Reserve governor made glowing remarks about the U.S. economy, and other important headlines.
FBI background checks for new gun owners have dropped sharply so far in 2017, and the share prices of gun makers are also down handily in the past few weeks.
During the most recent years, stocks tied to guns and ammunition rallied sharply after serious incidents involving guns. One of the driving forces was gun control fear of a ban or a serious curb on...
The recent stock price pullbacks in the gun stocks have caught some analysts and investors by surprise. Frankly, it shouldn't have been a shock at all.