Special Report

Highest-Rated Shows You Can Watch Today

Source: Courtesy of Hat Trick International

23. Bloodlands: Series 1
> RT score: 86%
> Network: Acorn (Amazon Prime)

Bloodlands follows a detective in Northern Ireland coping with his past as he investigates the kidnapping of an IRA party member with possible ties to a legendary cold case.

Source: Courtesy of The CW Network

22. Superman & Lois: Season 1
> RT score: 87%
> Network: The CW

In this series, the iconic comic book couple returns to Smallville to raise their children, only to have their lives upended in ways they couldn’t have imagined.

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21. The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Season 1
> RT score: 88%
> Network: Disney+

Two seemingly at-odds Marvel superheroes team up for the fight of their lives against a global threat to peace.

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20. Servant: Season 2
> RT score: 88%
> Network: Apple TV+

“Servant” is a horror-thriller set in Philadelphia that follows a couple dealing with shared trauma and their damaged marriage, and the inexplicable forces that enter their home when they hire a nanny for their infant son.

Source: Courtesy of National Broadcasting Company

19. Young Rock: Season 1
> RT score: 89%
> Network: NBC

This sitcom stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, with plots centering around flashbacks to his time as a child in Hawaii, a teenager in Pennsylvania, and a football player at the University of Miami.