Special Report

Highest-Rated Shows You Can Watch Today

Source: Courtesy of Walt Disney Television

13. WandaVision: Season 1
> RT score: 92%
> Network: Disney+

Marvel heroes Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) and Vision settle down to a quiet, suburban life after the events that took place in 2019’s “Marvel: Endgame.”

Source: Courtesy of Peacock

12. Rutherford Falls: Season 1
> RT score: 93%
> Network: Peacock

“Rutherford Falls” is a comedy about a small town and the personalities who dominate it struggling to control its present and define its past.

Source: Courtesy of Syfy

11. Resident Alien: Season 1
> RT score: 93%
> Network: Syfy

This TV adaptation of a long-running comic book series follows an extraterrestrial sent to destroy the human race while attempting to blend in — and beginning to struggle with the morality of the mission.

Source: Courtesy of HBO Max

10. Made For Love: Season 1
> RT score: 93%
> Network: HBO Max

A dark comedy, “Made for Love” is centered around one woman’s struggle with marriage, divorce, identity, and technology as she attempts to regain her independence.

Source: Courtesy of Netflix

9. Waffles + Mochi: Season 1
> RT score: 95%
> Network: Netflix

Former first lady Michelle Obama hosts this whimsical children’s cooking show.