Chiefs AFC Champ GM Ticket Prices Are Most Expensive Since 2010

By TicketIQ

With the Chiefs hosting the Bills in the AFC Championship Game next Sunday, we thought you would be interested in how secondary market ticket prices for the game are trending and how they compare to previous Chiefs home playoffs games.

TicketIQ Blog post with Chiefs playoff ticket data.

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Currently, the secondary market average list price for the game is $1,332, which is nearly double the price of their 2021 Divisional Round game and more than 3x any other Chiefs home playoff game since 2010. The get-in price (cheapest ticket) is currently $883, which is also more than double any other Chiefs playoff game’s average price since 2010.

Historically, these are the highest prices we’ve ever seen for an AFC Championship game. The previous highest average list price and get-in price was the 2018 game between the Jaguars and Patriots, which had a $1,014 average, and a $677 get-in price.

Lack of inventory due to reduced capacity is definitely a major factor that is driving up these numbers. There are currently just over 1,200 tickets on the secondary market, and primary market tickets are sold out. Bills fans looking to travel to KC for the game may also be driving up the price. Currently, 20% of our web traffic to the AFC Championship game page are from New York State.

TicketIQ Blog post with Chiefs playoff ticket data.