Final Four Championship Game Ticket Prices At Least 98% Higher Than Any Previous Championship Game

With the Gonzaga and Baylor set to meet in tomorrow’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game, here is how secondary market ticket prices are trending and how they compare to previous Championship games.

With inventory very low on the secondary market (around 550 tickets), prices for this year’s Championship game are the highest we’ve ever seen. Currently, the get-in price for the Championship game is $353, and prices go as high as $9,000.

As of now, the get-in price is the most expensive for the Championship game that we’ve ever tracked and is 95% higher than the previous most expensive championship game in 2015, which had a get-in price of $181. No other championship game had a higher get-in price than $133, and onlyfour had get-in prices above $100. Below is an infographic showing how this year’s prices compare to previous seasons: