Cathie Wood's ARK Invest Buys Over 280,000 Shares of Quantum-Si

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One of the ARK Invest exchange-traded funds run by ETF star Cathie Wood made a sizable purchase on Tuesday. The fund bought over 280,000 shares of Quantum-Si Inc. (NASDAQ: QSI), as the price of this ETF lost over 2% on the day. Note that this fund is up significantly in the past year.

Specifically, ARK Genomic Revolution ETF (NYSEARCA: ARKG) bought 281,276 shares of Quantum-Si. At Tuesday’s closing price, this would have valued this purchase at roughly $3.3 million. Even though this is a small fraction of the total holdings, every little bit counts. The fund is up 60% in the past year.

Here’s a look at the other purchases across the ARK ETFs:

Fund Ticker Company Shares
ARKF FTCH Farfetch 243,250
ARKG VERV Verve Therapeutics 128,307
ARKG SGFY Signify Health 123,187
ARKG RXRX Recursion Pharmaceuticals 91,747
ARKG QSI Quantum-Si 281,276
ARKG PATH UiPath 59,378
ARKG MASS 908 Devices 73,659
ARKK PATH UiPath 107,016
ARKQ KTOS Kratos Defense & Security Solutions 103,262
ARKQ PATH UiPath 45,510
ARKW CND Concord Acquisition 352,545
ARKW COIN Coinbase Global 27,844
ARKW DKNG DraftKings 175,387
ARKW KVSB Khosla Ventures Acquisition II 475,422
ARKW MELI Mercadolibre 15,797
ARKW PATH UiPath 90,448
ARKX PATH UiPath 9,458

Catherine Wood, the CEO and CIO of ARK Investment Management, is a minority and non-voting shareholder of 24/7 Wall St.

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