America’s Fastest Growing First Names

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20. Willow
> Girls named Willow in 2013: 2,073 (155th most popular)
> Girls named Willow in 2017: 3,529 (81st most popular)

Only 2,073 baby girls were named Willow in 2013, far less than the 3,529 girls that were given the same name in 2017. It’s likely Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s decision to name their daughter Willow, who is now 17, gave a boost to the name for baby girls. In 2017, 0.21% of all baby girls born were named Willow, up from 0.12% in 2013.

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19. Elena
> Girls named Elena in 2013: 2,389 (132nd most popular)
> Girls named Elena in 2017: 3,863 (67th most popular)

The name Elena is on the rise. Elena was the 132nd most popular girl name in the country in 2013 and by 2017 it climbed to the 67th most popular name for girls, the 19th largest change in rank. One theory as to why the name Elena has increased in popularity over the years is the immense popularity of the young adult drama/horror series, “The Vampire Diaries.” The main protagonist in the television series is named Elena Gilbert

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18. Aria
> Girls named Aria in 2013: 5,111 (41st most popular)
> Girls named Aria in 2017: 7,132 (20th most popular)

The name Aria is one of the fastest growing girl names in the United States. Just over 5,000 girls were given the name in 2013, compared to more than 7,000 in 2017. Aria, which means “air” in Italian, was the 20th most popular name in 2017. Aria is also the name of one of the female protagonists in the television series, “Pretty Little Liars.”

Source: Courtesy of HBO

17. Arya
> Girls named Arya in 2013: 1,138 (278th most popular)
> Girls named Arya in 2017: 2,156 (135th most popular)

The name Arya is the 17th fastest growing first name for girls. Only 0.13% of baby girls born in 2017 were given the name, however, that’s nearly double the share of girls that were given the name in 2013. The name’s rise in popularity could be largely attributable to the character Arya Stark in the widely popular HBO fantasy-drama series “Game of Thrones,” which first aired in 2011.

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16. Evelyn
> Girls named Evelyn in 2013: 7,659 (20th most popular)
> Girls named Evelyn in 2017: 10,675 (9th most popular)

Evelyn is one of the most popular girl names in the country. Only 7,659 baby girls were given the name Evelyn in 2013, making it the 20th most popular girl name at that time. By 2017, just over 3,000 more baby girls were named Evelyn, which bumped it up the in the ranks as the 9th most popular name.