Special Report

Cities With the Highest Number of COVID-19 Cases

The U.S. has surpassed 2.1 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of June 17. About half of these cases are concentrated in just 10 major metro areas across the country. There are 16 metro areas that have reported more than 20,000 confirmed cases since the pandemic began. COVID-19 cases tend to cluster in major metro areas. For reference, nationwide there have been 661 cases per 100,000 people, but there are over 20 cities with at least twice as many cases per 100,000 people.

Using COVID-19 data from state and local health departments, along with population data from the U.S. Census Bureau, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed confirmed COVID-19 cases in nearly 400 U.S. metro areas to identify the 50 cities with the most confirmed cases as of June 17, adjusted for the population.

There are two different kinds of cities on the list — those that had severe outbreaks earlier in the year, and those that began experiencing a more serious coronavirus outbreak only recently. For instance, two New York metro areas — New York City and Poughkeepsie — are in the top five with most cases per capita at 2,184 and 2,485 per 100,000 people, respectively. But each has also consistently reported a decline in new cases in the past week.

In other areas on this list — particularly in some western states that were less affected in the early days of the pandemic — new cases are increasing much more rapidly. In Yuma, Arizona; El Centro, California; and Yakima, Washington, the number of average daily new cases per 100,000 residents over the last week was more than seven times the national figure — all three cities now rank among the 12 metro areas with the most cases per 100,000.

The COVID-19 pandemic has proved to be a serious health emergency, with over 120,000 fatal cases. The outbreak has also been hugely damaging to the U.S. economy, as American consumers have stayed home and changed their spending habits, all but cutting off nonessential purchases. This has produced a devastating domino effect, causing more than 40 million Americans to file for unemployment since mid-March. Certain states, with economies that rely on tourism and other severely affected industries, have seen a much higher spike in unemployment claims than others. These are the unemployment claims in every state since COVID-19 shut the economy down.

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