Special Report

State by State Guide to Traveling During the Pandemic

Most U.S. states imposed limitations on interstate and international travel shortly after the coronavirus started spreading across the country in February. Now, more than six months later and after a surge of new cases in July, states are in various stages of reopening. Over time, travel bans and quarantine requirements have been lifted and despite the recent surge, they have not been reimposed.

24/7 Tempo reviewed executive orders from state governors, travel advisories, and guidelines from public health and tourism departments to find and list travel restrictions that are still in place in every state. 

Nationwide, travelers coming from Brazil, China, Iran, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and most European countries are not allowed to enter the United States based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention travel advisories.

As for domestic travel, in some states, visitors have to self-quarantine. Sometimes they have the option to provide a negative COVID-19 test from the previous three days to avoid isolation.

Though travel bans have been lifted and movement and gathering restrictions have been significantly loosened, physical distancing is a requirement everywhere, including in restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions. Many areas have also mandated the use of face coverings.

People can still plan vacations and road trips within the U.S., though travelers have to be cautious. The CDC recommends that travelers wear masks when social distancing is difficult, that they avoid crowds, and practice good hygiene. States are welcoming back visitors and the majority of popular attractions in the country are reopening — these are the most beautiful attractions in the U.S. 

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