Realtor.com surveyed U.S. deed records to find out which U.S. housing markets are most and least affected by real estate investor sales and purchases.
In the second quarter, the metropolitan area with the largest increase in profit for a sale over what the homeowner originally paid was Boise, Idaho.
The U.S. city where prices rose the least in May is Cleveland, according to the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Home Price Index.
There is a very wide range of homeownership in America. In one major city, less than half of the people own their homes.
The smallest state capital in the United States has offered up to $15,000 for people to come live and work there.
Detroit, many of its neighborhoods blighted by the flight of citizens, has come up with a program to sell many homes that it owns because of taxes which were in arrears and are unoccupied. The city...
The American housing market has made a stunning turnaround. Early last year, it was troubled by the fact that COVID-19 kept down house shopping. Later last year, this gave way to a surge of buyers....
Some of America’s oldest homes were built nearly a century before the Revolutionary War, which ran from 1775 to 1783. Most are in the Northeast, clustered around what are today among...
The cities where the highest percentage of buyers pay all cash for homes are largely along Florida's coasts.
Among the nation's 10 largest cities, Miami had the most serious delinquency rates in April.
A converted barn in Roxbury, Connecticut, has a price tag of almost $3.5 million.
Though Hawaii has the highest cost of living in America, it also has the lowest mortgage rates.
Joshua Tree, California, currently is the top vacation rental properties market, but will it stay on top?
Idaho would seem an improbable place for a run-up in housing prices.
Three U.S. housing markets have a probability of price declines of up to 50% over the next 12 months.