The housing market’s days of increasing prices every month are over. A two-year period when home prices rose by 20% each month year over year has been undermined by high mortgage rates that have...
A recent analyst reveals that these New Jersey counties have the best chance of falling home prices.
Americans will not be able to dodge higher home prices next year, but in several markets, they will barely rise.
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The residential real estate market posted two of its best years in decades in a period that began to end in the third quarter. Fueled by Americans who became free of working from offices and could...
Homebuyers in this city need an income more than four times the national average to be able to buy a house.
Home prices roared higher for the two years after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Mortgage rates were below 3% for most of that time. People moved from large coastal cities to smaller inland ones...
Prices in some housing markets are so high that median home prices sit well over $1 million.
Most of the markets with the lowest median home prices are in the industrial Midwest.
Homes may be cheap in Detroit. However, there are reasons, and they are not good ones.
a recent analysis reveals which housing markets are likely to have a decline in prices over the next year.
The least expensive state in which to own a home is West Virginia, one of the poorest states in the country.
There is a real concern that the extremely hot housing market has started to collapse, especially in markets where prices have surged at record paces. One of the threats is due to mortgage rates that...
A recent analysis reveals that the count of vacant properties in foreclosure has grown in each of the past three quarters
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