Home mortgage delinquencies were higher year over year in June but down slightly from May's total.
Many people who live at home today will not have the financial means to buy a home later, and demand for homes at the less expensive end of the market will suffer, undermining the housing market.
Here are 10 of the nation's largest apartment and other residential rental companies that rent to millions of Americans and have dividends that are handily above long-term Treasury yields.
So-called zombie foreclosures were part of the mortgage landscape in the Great Recession, and new research shows that they are back.
Private islands with homes are rare. In areas, like the Gulf shore and warm areas like the Caribbean, they are occasionally available. Less so in the areas of the northern United States. However, one...
Overall mortgage delinquencies rose to their highest level in more than five years in May. The COVID-19 pandemic and recession have made it hard for homeowners to meet monthly mortgage payments.
Despite the pandemic, home sales have boomed in the past several months. Only San Francisco saw prices droop in May.
With limited job prospects and with many businesses closed or at reduced capacity, millions of American renters may be evicted from where they live.
Record-low mortgage rates have led to a jump in applications for refinancing. But lenders are becoming more cautious.
Mortgage loan delinquencies soared in April after posting monthly declines for more than two years. Foreclosures remained subdued, but that may change once the federally mandated forbearance period...
Existing home sales plunged in May, according to the National Association of Realtors. But does this represent a bottom in the market?
New home sales surged in May to an annualized rate of 676,000. The month-over-month growth was largely due to a substantial downward revision in the estimates for April.
Demand for housing has increased to levels higher than were present before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States.
Redfin announced on Monday that almost half of all offers on home purchases faced competition in May as optimism about the state of the economy began to rise.
Government backing of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac looks crucial as the pandemic impacts mortgage delinquencies.