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The 25 Most Expensive Steakhouses in the Country

Alexander Kent, Thomas C. Frohlich

25. Hollywood Prime
> Avg. meal cost: $88 (tied)
> Location: Miami

With one drink and a tip, the average entree at Hollywood Prime costs about $88, tied with Benjamin Steak House as the 25th most expensive steakhouse in the country. The high-end restaurant, also known as Diplomat Prime, is located inside the Diplomat Resort, a beachside spa in Hollywood, Florida, north of Miami. Many of Hollywood Prime’s customers are mostly vacationing Americans. Among the nation’s 25 most expensive steakhouses, Hollywood Prime is the only one in Florida. Like many of the other expensive steak restaurants, steak is not the only option. Seafood features prominently on the menu, including osetra caviar — one of the most prized forms of caviar — for $95.

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24. Benjamin Steak House
> Avg. meal cost: $88 (tied)
> Location: New York City

After opening in 2006, Benjamin Steak House quickly established itself as a top New York steakhouse. In 2011, Zagat rated it one of the best steakhouses in the city. The menu offers a wide selection of meats aged in the restaurant’s special aging box, which allows the chef greater control over the drying process. The food at Benjamin Steak House was rated 27 out of 30, the second highest rating awarded to a steakhouse in the country, and the highest rating awarded to any steakhouse in New York. On average, an entree and a drink cost $88 per person.

23. Strip House
> Avg. meal cost: $89 (tied)
> Location: New York City

An average dinner costs $89 per person at Strip House — one of the most expensive steakhouses in the country. The restaurant has two locations in New York, one in Greenwich Village and one on the West Side. According to a review The New York Times, the restaurant’s signature strip steak is “on its way to becoming an iconic New York City meal.” In addition to red meat, the restaurant’s menu is full of seafood options, including a surf and turf tartare appetizer for $21.

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22. 630 Park Steakhouse
> Avg. meal cost: $89 (tied)
> Location: San Francisco

630 Park Steakhouse, located within the Graton Resort & Casino, is one of two of America’s 25 most expensive steakhouses located near San Francisco. While the restaurant’s decor and service each received a rating of 24, the average among the 25 most expensive steakhouses, the food quality received a 26, the third highest rating awarded to steakhouses nationwide. Like many of the most expensive steakhouses, 630 Park Steakhouse also specializes in seafood. The menu features lobster, ahi tuna, and atlantic salmon, among other items.

21. Chianina Steakhouse
> Avg. meal cost: $89 (tied)
> Location: Los Angeles

Chianina Steakhouse, named for the type of cow most of its meat comes from, is located in Long Beach, Los Angeles. Because chianina beef is primarily raised in Italy and is difficult to find in the United States, the restaurant’s owners decided to raise the cattle themselves, the only one of the most expensive steakhouses to do so. An average dinner at Chianina costs $89 per person, one of the more expensive meals in the country. While costly, the restaurant’s exceptionally high food quality, decor, and service ratings likely make it one of the best value meals on this list. In addition to steak, patrons may order roasted bone marrow or corned beef tongue.