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The 25 Most Expensive Steakhouses in the Country

15. Barclay Prime
> Avg. meal cost: $91 (tied)
> Location: Philadelphia

Located on Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, Barclay Prime is the only steakhouse in the City of Brotherly Love to be among the nation’s 25 most expensive. A typical meal costs $91 per person, and the dining experience seems to meet the high standards the price suggests. The restaurant’s food quality, service, and decor ratings are each above the average rating for restaurants on this list. Included on the menu is an 18-ounce wagyu ribeye for $195 and a wagyu cheesesteak, served with champagne, for $120.

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14. Mastro’s Steakhouse
> Avg. meal cost: $91 (tied)
> Location: Los Angeles

A typical entree and drink cost $91 on average at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Los Angeles. While high prices do not always mean higher ratings, Mastro’s Steakhouse’s rating seems to partially justify the high prices. The food received a rating of 27 out of 30, the second highest rating awarded to steakhouses in the country. Like many of the steakhouses reviewed, the menu also offers a number of seafood options, including Pacific swordfish, Alaskan halibut, and ahi tuna tartare. The restaurant also has locations in Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, and Washington, D.C.

13. American Cut
> Avg. meal cost: $92 (tied)
> Location: New York City

Marc Forgione — the winner of the Food Network’s Iron Chef in 2010 — is the head chef at American Cut in New York’s TriBeCa neighborhood. On average, an entree and a drink cost $92, one of the most expensive dinners at any steakhouse in the country. Although pricey, the restaurant received below average ratings for its food quality, decor, and service. The restaurant offers dishes such as octopus, bone marrow, as well as wagyu beef.

12. David Burke’s Primehouse
> Avg. meal cost: $92 (tied)
> Location: Chicago

David Burke’s Primehouse is the only expensive steak restaurant located in Chicago. There are a variety of ways to cook beef, and high-end steakhouses often attempt to distinguish themselves with a unique or specialized method. The meat at David Burke’s Primehouse is dry-aged in a Himalayan salt-tiled room inside the restaurant. During the aging process, enzymes break down muscle fibers, making the meat more tender. While most of the tenderization is said to occur within the first 10 days, and the additional effects of aging are subjects of debate among food scientists, Primehouse offers a 75-day aged ribeye for $79. This was among the more expensive items available on the menu.

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11. Costata
> Avg. meal cost: $93
> Location: New York City

With an average meal — consisting of a main dish, a drink, and a tip — costing $93 per person, Costata is tied for the 10th most expensive steakhouse in the country. Zagat rated the New York City restaurant’s food a 25 out of 30, a rating described as extraordinary. While the quality the restaurant offers — in its food, service, and decor — is the main consideration in pricing a menu, the cost of living is often another. On average, prices in the New York metro area were 22% higher than across the country. Looking at the restaurant’s menu, it is no surprise that “costata” means “ribeye” in Italian. The menu lists a 44-ounce tomahawk ribeye steak for $126.