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The 25 Most Expensive Steakhouses in the Country

5. Alexander’s Steakhouse
> Avg. meal cost: $97
> Location: San Francisco

Located in San Francisco, Alexander’s Steakhouse is the fifth most expensive steakhouse in the country, with an average dinner costing $97 per person. Part of the expense may be due to the high cost of living, which was 21% higher in San Francisco than across the country. The restaurant boasts 11 types of wagyu beef, the widest selection in the United States, and an award-winning wine list. Alexander’s Steakhouse is heavily influenced by Japanese cooking. Among the menu’s offerings is a seven-course “Study of Beef” for $230.

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4. SW Steakhouse
> Avg. meal cost: $101
> Location: Las Vegas

SW Steakhouse in Las Vegas is the only expensive steakhouse to offer nightly entertainment due to its location. The Lake of Dreams — a body of water with a 40-foot waterfall — is adjacent to the dining area. The lake is lit nightly by over 4,000 lights and displays holographic and puppetry shows. And while an average dinner costs $101 per person, far more expensive food is offered. The 30 ounce dry-aged tomahawk chop costs $130.

3. Prime Steakhouse
> Avg. meal cost: $103
> Location: Las Vegas

While steakhouses are not necessarily known for their decor and quality service, Prime Steakhouse in Las Vegas received a 27 out of 30 in each of categories, tied for the highest and second highest ratings awarded to a steakhouse in the United States, respectively. The restaurant experience at Prime Steakhouse may help justify the price. Customers should expect to spend $103 per person on average for dinner.

2. Doris Metropolitan
> Avg. meal cost: $103
> Location: New Orleans

Doris Metropolitan, which opened its doors in 2013, was named the best new restaurant in New Orleans. It combines a traditional steakhouse with a Mediterranean influence — carpaccio, calamari, and tahini are prominent features of the menu. The restaurant’s decor received a rating of 27 out of 30, the highest rating awarded to any steakhouse in the country. The most expensive menu item is a 10 ounce Japanese wagyu striploin for $175, one of the most expensive menu item at any of the nation’s most expensive steakhouses. With costly items such as this, Doris Metropolitan is tied for the second most expensive steakhouse in the country. An average dinner costs $103 per person.

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1. Cut
> Avg. meal cost: $106
> Location: Los Angeles

Located in Beverly Hills, one of the most expensive areas in the nation, Cut is the country’s most expensive steakhouse. On average, dinner costs $106 per person. Called “brilliant” by the LA Times after the restaurant opened in 2006, Cut is popular with many of Hollywood’s elite. In March, the Daily Meal, a food and drink reviewing publication, rated the restaurant the best steakhouse in the country.