Special Report

States That Are Still Reopening (And Those That Are Holding Off)

The pace of new COVID-19 cases reported daily has slowed over the last few weeks. Still, total cases in the United States have risen to nearly 5.8 million with almost 180,000 deaths as of Aug. 24. Many states, particularly in hotspots in the South and West where cases surged in June and July, have delayed their reopening plans or imposed new restrictions on bars and social gatherings.

To determine each state’s social distancing measures and rules for reopening, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed executive orders from state governors over the last few weeks.

Many states have issued mandates requiring residents to wear face coverings when they are anywhere in public, especially in enclosed spaces. Governors and mayors have announced new restrictions on travel between states that range from self-quarantine to providing proof of a negative coronavirus test — this is a state by state guide to traveling during the pandemic.

COVID-19 continues to spread nationwide, and states are taking various approaches to determine how and when to continue reopening businesses and under what restrictions.

The concentrations of active cases are not evenly dispersed across the country. The hotspots of the virus keep changing, shifting from the Northeast early in the pandemic (March-April) to the South and the West earlier this summer (June-July). Here is the place in every state where the coronavirus is spreading the fastest.

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