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The 25 Most Expensive Steakhouses in the Country

20. M. Wells Steakhouse
> Avg. meal cost: $90 (tied)
> Location: New York City

Located in Queens, M. Wells Steakhouse is one of eight New York City steakhouses distinguished as the nation’s most expensive. The restaurant opened in November 2013 in a former auto-body shop. One drink and one entree costs an average of $90, tied with three other restaurants. The most expensive steak available is the tomahawk chop for $160, grilled on a whole rib and described by The New York Times as “a steak worthy of a Flintstone.” The steaks are grilled over an open fire, a distinctive feature compared with other high-end steakhouses. While in the majority of the most expensive steakhouses the high prices are at least partially proportionate with quality, M. Wells Steakhouse received below average food, decor, and service ratings.

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19. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse
> Avg. meal cost: $90 (tied)
> Location: New York City

While Wolfgang’s Steakhouse has nine locations around the country, and some in Asia, the restaurant’s New York locations are the most expensive likely due to the city’s high cost of living. A typical dinner costs $90 per person. Despite the high price, the restaurant’s ratings were among the lowest Zagat awarded to steakhouses in the country. Wolfgang’s decor received a rating of 20, and its service earned a rating of 22 — both out of 30, and both well below the average of 23.8 and 24.5 awarded to expensive steakhouses, respectively. The most expensive item on the menu is a rib eye steak for $53.95.

18. Prime Rib
> Avg. meal cost: $90 (tied)
> Location: Washington D.C.

One of the last remaining restaurants in Washington D.C. to require formal attire such as jackets for dinner, Zagat awarded Prime Rib’s food quality the highest rating of any steakhouse in the nation’s capital. The menu lists an 8-ounce filet mignon for $53, in addition to a number of seafood selections, including Chilean sea bass and the restaurant’s award-winning crab cakes. While an entree and drink cost an average of $90, Prime Rib, like other expensive steakhouses, does not include sides with an entree selection, which can increase the price significantly.

17. Strip Steak
> Avg. meal cost: $90 (tied)
> Location: Las Vegas

Most of the nation’s priciest steakhouses are in either New York or Las Vegas. Strip Steak can be in both as the steakhouse has four locations. An average dinner at the Las Vegas location, including one drink and one entree, costs $90. Many Strip Streak patrons are likely tourists — domestic and foreign — visiting the Sin City. Like a few other expensive steakhouses, Strip Steak is located inside a resort, at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. The high meal cost may be justified, as the food was given a rating of 27 out of 30, the second highest rating Zagat awarded to steakhouses in the country.

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16. Bull & Bear Prime Steakhouse
> Avg. meal cost: $91 (tied)
> Location: New York City

Although named Bull & Bear Prime Steakhouse, the restaurant is not located near Wall Street. Rather, the restaurant is named for the bronze bull and bear statues that historically stood behind the bar at the Waldorf-Astoria Bar in the late 1800s. Over time, the bar was nicknamed The Bull and Bear. Located on 49th street and Lexington avenue on the east side, an average dinner at Bull & Bear Prime Steakhouse costs $91. However, the price may have more to do with the high cost of living in New York than the food’s quality. Zagat rated the food quality a 23 out of 30, nearly the lowest rating awarded to steakhouses reviewed. The restaurant’s decor and service ratings were similarly low.