When Home Depot reported its most recent quarterly results before the markets opened on Tuesday, investors did not respond well despite the solid numbers.
Walmart shares took a hit after it missed analysts' quarterly profit estimate and offered guidance that fell short of investors' expectations.
Where did the name Walmart come from? Costco? Best Buy? McDonald’s? Target was given its name by a publicity director at the company which at the time was the retailer’s parent...
Walmart now operates nearly 600 Sam's Club stores in the United States. Here's why the store is called by its current name.
The 3.3 million Amazon shares short at the end of January were less than 6% more than the figure on the previous settlement date but the greatest number since last July.
Walmart Inc (NYSE: WMT) has been the largest U.S. company by revenue for decades. Slow growing, its revenue should still top $550 billion this year, in part due to its Sam’s Club operation and...
The largest U.S. retailers have yet to get on board with the pledge to offer at least 15% of their shelf space to Black-owned businesses.
GameStop remains a retailer being consumed by e-commerce giants. Its present stock price and market value have no relationship to financial results.
Lost in the massive rally was the fact that GameStop is a failing retailer, in the midst of closing stores and trying to move online to survive.
Monday morning saw another jump in GameStop's stock price. Do the day traders and “Robinhooders” know something the institutional giants don’t?
The state where Walmart employs the most people is Arkansas, the location of the company's headquarters.
GameStop announcing solid sales for the holiday period sent its shares up handily on Monday morning.
Bed Bath & Beyond reported its fiscal third quarter financial results before the markets opened on Thursday and investors were not happy.
Costco Wholesale has reported its sales results for the month of December.
Macy’s shares climbed on Wednesday after the company said it would be shuttering more stores.