Special Report

The Most Iconic Product in Each State

41. South Dakota
> Most iconic product:

State farmers raise an estimated 1.4 million hogs each year. As of June 2015, the state had 1.32 million head of hogs and pigs, up 9% from June 2014. The nationwide hog and pig inventory was at 66.9 million head in June. While the state’s inventory is low compared to other states, South Dakota exported close to $200 million worth of pork in 2014, or 12.4% of the state’s total exports, making pork one of South Dakota’s top exports.

42. Tennessee
> Most iconic product:

Lynchburg, Tennessee has been home to the Jack Daniel’s Distillery since 1866. Now the oldest distillery in the United States, the whiskey brand is estimated to be worth $5.2 billion. Distinct from other American whiskeys that are classified as bourbon, the Tennessee whiskey is filtered through 10 feet of charcoal before going through the aging process.

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43. Texas
> Most iconic product:

Nearly one-third of the nation’s crude oil reserves lie beneath Texas soil. Rich in resources, it is no surprise that many of the world’s largest energy companies have a significant presence in the Lone Star State. Texas is home to the headquarters of Phillips 66, Valero Energy Corp., ConocoPhillips, and Exxon Mobil Corp., the largest company in the state and the third largest company in the world by market cap. British Petroleum also operates more than 850 oil wells in East Texas alone. Texas exported more than $64 billion worth of petroleum in 2014.

44. Utah
> Most iconic product:

Based on Hershey Co. research, Utah residents buy candy at nearly twice the national rate. Several factors likely contribute to the state’s higher than average consumption rate of sugary treats. More than half of the state’s population identifies as mormon, a religion that forbids the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, which makes sugar a more likely option for indulgence. In addition, children tend to consume more candy than adults, and while less than a quarter of the nation’s population are children, nearly a third of Utah’s residents are under the age of 18.

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45. Vermont
> Most iconic product:
Maple syrup

Along with its bucolic landscape, Vermont has come to be known for its maple syrup — and for good reason. The Green Mountain State taps a larger percentage of its maple trees than any other state and produces more maple syrup each year than any other state. Vermonters are also large consumers of the syrup. The average state resident consumes nearly 11 pounds of maple syrup annually versus the national average consumption of less than half a pound per resident.