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The Most Iconic Product in Each State

6. Colorado
> Most iconic product:

In most states, the iconic product played a unique role in the state’s history. While marijuana’s role in Colorado’s economy has perhaps not yet stood the test of time, remarkable sales and the media fanfare around its legalization have popularized the plant as a symbol of the state. With combined marijuana sales of $639.4 million and rising in Colorado in 2015 through the month of August, marijuana’s iconic status will likely only continue to grow.

7. Connecticut
> Most iconic product:

Connecticut’s capital, Hartford, is known as the Insurance Capital of the World. Many of the nation’s largest insurance companies, including Aetna and The Hartford, have their headquarters in the city. Insurance giant Cigna is located in nearby Bloomfield.

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8. Delaware
> Most iconic product:

Delaware, the First State, also known as the Diamond State and the Corporate Capital of the World, is currently home to more than half of all U.S. publicly traded companies and 60% of all Fortune 500 corporations. Companies can elect to be incorporated anywhere they have an address — be it the Cayman Islands, the Caribbean, where they actually operate, or Delaware. The state’s business-friendly legal system and favorable corporate tax rate has made the decision easy for most companies trying to cut costs.

9. Florida
> Most iconic product:

Florida is a regional leader in the production of citrus products, including tangerines, and it is the single largest source of grapefruits in the world. The state is best known, of course, for its oranges. Few food products are more closely tied to a specific state than orange juice is to the Sunshine State. On average, more than 90% of the country’s frozen orange juice comes from fruit grown in Florida. The state’s orange orchards cover approximately 570,000 acres in the state, and production is second in the world only to Brazil.

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10. Georgia
> Most iconic product:

Officially nicknamed the Peach State, Georgia peaches have the reputation of being the sweetest in the world. The state is home to more than 15,000 acres of peach orchards yielding roughly 1.7 million bushels of peaches each year. Named for the iconic fruit, most of the peaches in Georgia come from Peach County. The county’s Peach Festival attracts thousands of visitors each year.