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Jefferies 3 Growth Stocks to Buy With Market in Troubled Waters

Seems as though the markets are already pricing a recession into equities, despite the fact that almost all the indicators still point to slow, but steady growth. So here is ...
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Analyst Says Buy These 3 Top Chip Stocks During Tech Wreck

Market corrections and sell-offs are always the same. What started as a trickle can turn into a torrent fast, and once the margin calls come a knocking, things can get ...
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Merrill Lynch Says No Value in Energy: Only 2 Dividends Safe Now

You knew it was coming, and last week brought the very unpleasant truth. ConocoPhillips (NYSE: COP) announced a wider-than-expected quarterly loss and revealed plans to slash its dividend to $0.25 ...
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3 Stocks to Buy That Were Absolutely Hammered Last Week

It’s bad enough when you own a stock that absolutely flops and gets killed after missing an earnings number, giving poor forward guidance or, even worse, both. What really adds ...
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4 Safe Dividend Stocks to Buy Now If Continued Market Volatility Making You Queasy

It’s one thing to have scary up-and-down markets, but it’s quite another when there are very few alternatives. Income investors, and most investors in general, can’t “go to cash” as ...
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4 Big Dividend Pharmaceutical Stocks to Buy That Are Very Cheap Now

If you ever want to look for value in a sector in the stock market, then when you see Congress calling in some of the top companies to scold them ...
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Warren Buffett Continues Massive Energy Insider Buying: Phillips 66, Seagate Technology, General Electric and More

For investors, February so far is looking like more of the same. Up and down markets that seesaw intra-day often on the price of oil or dollar strength and weakness. ...
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UBS Makes First Big 2016 Changes to Equity Focus List

With a horrible month to start the year, and February ushering in the same heightened volatility, many of the firms that were cover on Wall Street are making some adjustments ...
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Gold Is Up Over 8% This Year: 3 Stocks to Buy for a Continued Rally

Gold, that sinister yet provocative commodity that has been absolutely mauled since highs posted almost five years ago, has been slowly moving back to a critical level. In fact, with ...
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4 Large Cap Technology Stocks to Buy That Pay Big Dividends

Despite the stomach churning market volatility, there is one big positive in the indexes retesting the lows from last August and September. While the bearish symphony keeps bringing up the ...
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Merrill Lynch Has 4 Very Oversold Blue Chip Dividend Stocks to Buy Now

Needless to say, the stock market can be a very cruel mistress. Companies can report great numbers, but if the guidance is light? Look out! So what are patient long-term ...
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Deutsche Bank Raises Price Targets on 4 Exploration and Production Stocks

Smart investors who are not attending their first rodeo have seen this all before. The classic boom, then bust, then ultimately despair in the energy sector is not a new ...
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Tech Dominates Top Jefferies Value Stocks to Buy

The relentless volatility that has marked 2016 so far is doing something only a market sell-off can do. Many top blue chip companies that have performed well over the years, ...
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Deutsche Bank Has 3 Consumer Favorite Top Pick Retail Stocks for 2016

Despite the fact that some on Wall Street discount the effect that lower gasoline prices have on the U.S. consumer, the bottom line is we are experiencing one of the ...
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4 Incredibly Safe Dividend Stocks to Buy as Market Volatility Continues

Every time it seems safe to go back in the water, oil gets hammered and the stock market dives again. One very good sign is that most of Wall Street ...
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