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Insider Buying Surges During Sell-Off: Sprint, Sears, SolarCity and More

If there was ever a week where we saw disproportionate numbers in insider activity, it was this week. Insiders from every sector took advantage of the gigantic wash-out last Monday ...
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Insider Selling at Multiyear Low as Market Roller Coaster Takes Wild Ride

It just makes sense that if you were an insider looking to unload stock, last week would be probably the worst one in the past five years to do it. ...
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UBS Says to Buy 3 Top Transport Stocks After Huge Pullback

Nothing was spared the massive selling we saw over the past week, and the transports were a sector that had already started to come under pressure earlier in the year. ...
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Jefferies Has 3 Chip and Chip Equipment Stocks With Gigantic Upside Potential

One thing a brutal sell-off will do is bring stocks back to places where they look incredibly attractive. One area that was being demolished all year, prior to the recent ...
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Analyst Says Do Not Wait for Oil Bottom, Buy Quality Large-Caps Now

If there was ever a tug-of-war in the markets, it is in the energy sector. Some see the “lower for longer” as the new paradigm, while others feel that the ...
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Media Stocks Have Been Crushed: 4 to Buy Now

After outperforming for much of the past couple of years, the top media stocks all have been absolutely mauled on fears that bundling and younger Americans “cutting the cord” will ...
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Deutsche Bank Says Stick With Top Stocks Growing Dividends

Everybody is starting to get nervous, and that is probably a good sign. One Wall Street firm that we cover noted Wednesday that Google searches for “Stock Market Crash” are ...
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4 Natural Gas Exploration and Production Stocks With Massive Upside Potential

One thing is for sure, if you are looking for stocks to buy among the wreckage, look no further than energy. A new research report from Cowen maintains that energy ...
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4 Jefferies Top Value Stock to Buy as Market Recovers

Face it, if we wanted to go on a crazy roller-coaster ride we would go to the Disney World. With ups and downs that have rarely ever been seen, investors ...
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Merrill Lynch Says Move From Momentum to Yield and Growth Stocks

After a beating like we saw Monday, and a huge reversal on Tuesday, investors are probably wondering which way to go now. With the first intra-day 10% correction in more ...
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RBC Has 3 Quality Tech Stocks to Buy Following Market Sell-Off

Any tech investor will tell you the last week was horrific, especially for more momentum-oriented tech companies. But adversity brings opportunity, especially in the stock market. A new research report ...
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3 Top Jefferies Growth Stocks to Buy After Sell-Off

The damage was swift and harsh over the past week, and just because things look brighter Tuesday does not necessarily mean the selling is over. However, with the first intra-day ...
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Analyst Says Energy MLPs Best Buy Since 2008

Compared to other income type equities, like utilities and real estate investment trusts (REITs), the master limited partnerships (MLPs) have been absolutely demolished. In fact, the Alerian index that tracks ...
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3 Oppenheimer Top Internet Stock Picks to Buy on Huge Pullback

Baron Rothschild said it best: “The time to buy is when there is blood in the streets.” On the open Monday morning there was an ocean of blood, with the ...
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4 Event-Driven Stocks to Buy for the Rest of 2015

After seeing the market, and especially the crowded momentum stocks, get eviscerated last week, investors may be looking to shift away from those stocks to solid growth companies. Add in ...
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