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Tesla Model 3

4 Chip Stocks That Will Win From Self-Driving Cars

We aren’t quite ready to travel like the Jetsons, but one thing is for sure, the autonomous or self-driving cars of the future are starting to knock on our investment ...
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GMC Sierra pickup

4 Big Dividend Stocks With Upside to Buy in a Very Overbought Market

While the post-Brexit rally has been outstanding, the market looks very overbought and ready to digest some of the big gains we have seen. The good thing for investors is ...
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Hot Summer Weather Running Natural Gas Higher: 4 Stocks to Buy Now

After years of trading in a tight boxed range, natural gas has taken off, and with the U.S. a top supplier, hot summers and cold winters can add up to ...
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gas pipeline

Deutsche Bank Has 3 Top Energy Stocks to Buy Into Q2 Earnings Reports

While oil has retreated about 10% since rising just past the $50 mark, one thing has become pretty evident. While most Wall Street analysts and pundits are reasonably positive on the ...
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credit card

RBC Says Stock Market Likely Going Higher: 4 Top Banks to Buy

We tend to keep a very close eye on the brokerage firm calls that we cover here at 24/7 Wall St., especially when they make a definitive market direction call. ...
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Jefferies Says Buy These Ultra High-Yield Stocks Into Q2 Earnings

Once again interest rates continue to sink as investors from around the world buy U.S. Treasury securities at some of the lowest rates in the history of our debt. The ...
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oil rig

Merrill Lynch Sees Stronger Rig Recovery: 3 Top Buys for Q3

If there is one segment that could be a solid shot for long-term investors it is oilfield services, and one of the leading indicators is the rig count of working oil ...
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UBS Very Positive on Telecom: 4 Dividend Stocks to Buy

In a market that has been all over the place this year, from down 12% to hitting new all-time highs, the outperforming sectors have been the ones usually reserved for ...
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Light Switch

Merrill Lynch Likes 3 Top Utility Stocks Into Q2 Earnings

Even though the utility sector has totally blown away other S&P 500 sectors this year, and many of the stocks in the sector are very pricey, the run may not be ...
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oil tanker

RBC Very Positive on 3 Top Large Cap Dividend Oil Stocks

After a huge run from the February lows, the spot price of oil has recently pulled back about 10%, and for investors who have been waiting to add to positions ...
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buy sell

S&P 500 Sector Laggards Offer Great Dividend Stocks: 4 to Buy Right Now

Any time the markets hit and establish new all-time highs, the concern among Wall Street professionals is always what catalyst is there to drive stocks higher? One thing is for ...
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Oil worker

Jefferies Sees Oilfield Services Demand Growing: 4 Top Stocks to Add Now

While things certainly have improved for the energy sector, and specifically oilfield services, the price for oil actually has faded about 10% from recent highs, as it looks like a ...
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GM logo

4 High Dividend Yields Close to 5% That Are Often Overlooked

At the turn of the century, most banks offered five-year certificates of deposit (CDs) that yielded a stunning 5% and were guaranteed up to $250,000. These days, five-year CDs yield ...
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Facebook corporate

Massive Facebook Sale Highlights Insider Trading: Shake Shack, Costco, Media General, Western Gas Partners and More

What a week for equity investors as the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average raced to all-time highs. In what could be described as a near-perfect selling scenario, ...
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Medicine pills

Pharmaceutical Stocks May Be the Best Total Return Play: 3 to Buy Now

If one sector has struggled this year it has been the health care sector, which is surprising given that usually it is considered to be very defensive. But ever since a ...
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