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Massive Technology Trades Highlight Inside Selling: Facebook, Google, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Workday and More

While much of the insider activity has been restrained this week, some big-time players in the technology world took advantage of open windows to sell and unloaded stocks at a ...
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Famous Investor Continues Large Insider Buying: Lands’ End, Cree, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Cheniere Energy and More

Third-quarter earnings are in full swing on Wall Street, and while many companies have shut insider trading windows for the near term, some are still wide open for executives and ...
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Huge Cloud Spending Top Catalyst for Data Networking Stocks to Buy

Any way you look at it, the tremendous growth in all things cloud is perhaps the biggest single catalyst in the tech industry today. Whether it is cloud computing, storage, ...
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Analyst Has 4 Dividend Stocks to Buy With Big Q4 Potential

Portfolio managers and others in charge of investments are facing an up year, but many are trailing their benchmarks. There is nothing worse for active managers than trailing your benchmark, ...
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Top Analyst Says Buy These 3 Red-Hot Chip Stocks Before Earnings

If any segment has given investors joy this year, it is the semiconductors, and with good reason. The PHLX Semiconductor Sector (SOX) index is up over 40% since February 1. While ...
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Mega-Cap Biotechs Cheapest in Years: 4 to Buy for 2017 Gains

It’s a tired refrain, as we have written about it for over a year, but the beating that the health care sector has taken, especially the biotechs, may be providing ...
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Merrill Lynch Has 5 Buy-Rated Stocks With 35% to 85% Upside Potential

In a pricey market, it gets harder and harder to find stocks that look solid and have the kind of upside potential that warrant owning in a period when volatility ...
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Merrill Lynch Makes a Big New Addition to the US 1 List

With earnings reports for the third quarter underway, and the fourth quarter of 2016 in full swing, many of the top companies we follow on Wall Street are making some ...
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Jefferies Q4 Software Stocks to Buy With Big Upside Potential

For five long years, many of the top software companies in the United States have battled currency headwinds as the dollar has remained elevated, but for the time being those headwinds ...
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SunTrust Says Utilities Are Rich: Only 5 Remain Rated Buy

The sector that stormed through the first half of the year in a big way has come under heavy fire in the second half, as the fear of rising rates ...
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Jefferies Biotech and Health Care Momentum Stocks to Buy With Big Upside Potential

One of the best market conditions for active traders is one in which price momentum underperforms and then kicks back in with a vengeance, and given what we have experienced since ...
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Jefferies Makes Huge Energy Addition to Franchise Picks Stocks List

With earnings reports for the third quarter underway, and the fourth quarter of 2016 in full swing, many of the top companies we follow on Wall Street are making some ...
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4 Super Safe Dividend Stocks to Survive the Election Fallout

While it has become somewhat clear that the stock market and much of Wall Street may be rooting for a Hillary Clinton victory, a come-from-behind victory by Donald Trump could ...
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Insider Buying Slows as Earnings Season Heats Up: Lands’ End, Monsanto, AZZ and More

As we have mentioned recently, the volume in insider activity was bound to slow as we got to the third-quarter earnings. The earnings season officially kicked off this week, and the ...
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2 Massive Tech Trades Highlight Insider Selling: Facebook, Applied Materials, Costco, Papa John’s and More

Earnings season has arrived, and while that has meant a slowdown in insider activity, some of the top executives at the biggest countries across the United States are still making some ...
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