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Life Ring

4 ETFs to Buy to Protect Against Huge Market Losses

It has now been six years since the depths of the Great Recession and the ensuing stock market sell-off. The S&P 500 is up over 200% in that period, and ...
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global network concept

Cloud Networking Stocks to Buy as Sector Stays Red Hot

The demand is huge for data, streaming video and audio, you name it. The demand is also huge for security in hyper-scale data centers. The bottom line is that the ...
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UBS Adds Momentum Consumer Discretionary Stock to Equity Focus List

With May here, investors are pondering whether it is time to “sell in May and go away.” At UBS, they are making changes to the firm's Equity Focus List, and ...
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Hand plugging ethernet cable into wall socket

3 IT Services Tech Stocks to Buy With Solid Upside Potential

Once again technology is holding its own this year as a sector leader, just slightly trailing consumer discretionary and health care. The question for many investors is where is there ...
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Hepatitis Virus

2 Biotech Buyout Candidates as Antibiotics Stop Working

Many of us have heard the story before. The over-prescribing of antibiotics is creating “super bugs” with the potential to wreak medical havoc as they are resistant to current drugs. ...
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New SunTrust Analyst Starts 5 Top Software Stocks at Buy

The age of software in this country is changing, and changing rapidly. Investors used to think of large cap Silicon Valley giants Microsoft and Oracle as the go-to stocks for ...
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Massive Brokerage Trades Highlight Insider Selling This Week

With a week that saw the end of April and a ton of volatility, we also saw some big insider selling hit the tape. With windows starting to open back ...
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Insider Buying Steady as Earnings Season Begins to Wind Down

With a third of the year in the books, the very up and down stock market is poised to wind up the first-quarter earnings reports. That also means that insider ...
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3 YieldCos to Buy With Outstanding Dividend Growth Expected

Like it or not, the Federal Reserve will be raising interest rates, most likely starting this year. Investments that traditionally suffer the most in a rising interest rate environment are ...
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If Is a Buyout Target, These 5 Stocks May Be Too

The recent chatter that Inc. (NYSE: CRM) might be a target for a huge tech company looking to get a very large foot in the customer relationship management (CRM) ...
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3 Biotech Stocks With Big Phase 3 Catalyst Data Due in 2015

Whenever the mojo goes out of momentum stocks, whether it is fair or not, biotech usually comes along for the ride. Recently, the biotechs, whether they be large cap industry ...
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4 High-Yield BDCs to Buy Before Earnings Are Reported

Even though yields have continued to stay low, many high-yield investors that also look for growth have been disappointed in the performance of various high-yield investment vehicles. In a new ...
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Active investor

Why These 2 Biotech Stocks May Be Bought Out Soon

Big pharmaceutical and biotech companies seeking to grow company sales and revenues have two solid avenues. One is a consistent and growing pipeline full with good potential drugs in clinical ...
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Deutsche Bank Sticks With 3 High-Profile Stocks That Got Hammered

One thing that infuriates investors, and rightfully so sometimes, is analysts that were ultra-bullish on a stock going negative after one bad quarter. This week was no exception, as some ...
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UBS Has 3 Financial Services Stocks to Buy If New IRA Rules Pass

If there is one industry has had its fair share of rules and regulations since the Great Recession and subsequent market debacle of 2008, it is the financial services industry. ...
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