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Highest Yielding Utility Stocks Still Look Solid For 2015

While technology and healthcare companies have led all S&P 500 sectors this year, up 25% and 22% respectively, coming in a solid third at 18% is the utility sector. After ...
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RBC Has Three Top Biotech Picks for Year End and 2015

If any sector has had an up and down 2014, it would be the biotech. A massive sell-off in the spring and in the fall has given some biotech investors ...
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Oil pipeline

High-Yielding Upstream Energy MLPs Solid Buys Despite Oil Drop

The huge drop in oil is really starting to show up at the pump for consumers, and right before the holidays that is a blessing. It is also showing up ...
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Analyst’s 5 Top Bank Stocks to Buy for 2015

Needless to say, after years of subpar economic recovery, everybody is looking for when growth, especially job growth, starts to pick up again. The fact of the matter is, growth ...
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Internet spying

5 Game-Changing Cybersecurity Stocks to Buy Now

As technology initiatives like cloud-based apps, social networking and virtualization have improved and dramatically increased in usage, a problem has also become more and more evident. The cybersecurity risk associated ...
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Insider Selling Still Climbing as Markets Hit New All-Time Highs

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 at all-time highs, and the Nasdaq closing in on the high from 2000, the fact that insiders continue to take ...
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Insider Buying Heats Up in Spite of Big Market Rally

As was noted in last week's report, insider buying had slowed dramatically due to the big rally in the markets. Well, despite continued trading to the upside, and new highs ...
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UBS’s Top Tech Stocks to Buy for 2015

With the stock market poised to hit new highs yet again, even the most confident investors may be starting to wonder about what to do for 2015. Take profits and ...
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4 More Biotech Stocks to Buy, With Up to 200% Upside

As the Stifel health care conference continues to roll along, the analysts are getting more and more data on the top companies they cover, and many have exciting clinical and ...
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Gold and Silver

4 Gold Stocks That Can Easily Survive Lower Gold Prices

Investors still see spokespersons on TV saying to buy gold to protect their investments. That must be tough for people who listened to those same pitches three and four years ...
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Social Media

The Key Component That Will Drive These 3 Top Social Media Stocks

One thing that has become very obvious to anybody with a computer, smartphone or, soon, wearables is the increased presence of the ubiquitous social media. It is seemingly everywhere, and ...
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Biotechnology word cloud

4 Biotech Catalyst Stocks to Buy With 60% to 100% Upside Potential

In the world of biotech investing, there are some sure-fire ways for stocks to move. Pipeline announcements, clinical data and regulatory approval all can move the needle as catalysts for ...
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3D pointedsphere

Hard Competition May Leave Only 2 3D Printing Giants Standing

Three-dimensional printing, or 3D as it is called, has revolutionized how many things are made and fabricated. As usual, young, upstart companies were the first to create, innovate and expand ...
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UBS Spotlights 4 Top Software Stocks to Buy

Wall Street firms are renowned for holding conferences, many at fancy locales that draw in the top companies looking to present not only to the host firm, but attending investors. ...
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Credit Suisse’s Top Technology Trading Idea

Technology for the most part has been an outstanding sector for 2014, with many of the top Internet and social media stocks on fire. Most of the firms we cover ...
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