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3 Companies to Buy That Blew Out Q1 Earnings

Some of the best advice ever given from financial gurus is to do exactly the opposite of what the consensus on Wall Street is. Now while that kind of straight-up ...
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5 Stocks Best Positioned for Huge Potential Spike in Natural Gas

The gigantic move in the price of oil since the lows printed back in February have not been mirrored by the natural gas market. While West Texas Intermediate crude is ...
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4 Safe Dividend Stocks to Buy Now, Even as the Market Gets Extended

The way 2016 started off, it looked like we were in for a very dreary year. By mid-February the market had dropped a stunning 11.4% in six short weeks. The ...
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These 3 Chip Companies Do a Ton of Apple Business: Are They in Trouble?

Even the best runs in the stock market must come to an end, or at least slow way down. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) reported very disappointing results this week, and for ...
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8 Real Reasons Natural Gas Could Skyrocket Over the Next Year

Wall Street usually is a very rear-view mirror kind of place, where decisions are made after a dramatic market move already has happened. Just this week, Goldman Sachs raised its sector ...
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4 Dividend-Paying Tech Stocks Highlight Jefferies Top Value Calls

While rates have certainly gone higher over the past month, the bottom line is we still are in a low rate environment, and it appears one good thing to do ...
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Merrill Lynch Has 3 Top Energy Stocks Rated Buy Yielding 4.5% or More

It almost seems funny now when talking heads on the financial networks talk about interest rates shooting higher on the 10-year and 30-year U.S. Treasury debt. Oh sure they are higher ...
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Deutsche Bank Has 4 Top Tech Stocks to Buy for Telco and Cable Spending

If there is one area of technology that always warrants attention, it is the huge demand for latency, cloud storage and computing, video streaming and all of the other broadband ...
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Large Cap Blue Chips Highlight Jefferies Top Growth Stocks to Buy

One thing is becoming crystal clear as the first quarter earnings roll in fast and furious. Even if a company that is a leader in its sector comes in at the ...
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Merrill Lynch Says Don’t Chase AMD: 2 Top Chip Stocks to Buy Instead

Long-suffering Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (NASDAQ: AMD) got a dose of good news last week, and the stock jumped over 50%. While the new China licensing deal that prompted the ...
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4 Biotechs That Will Escape Weak Seasonal Trends for the Sector

All sectors of the market tend to have times of the year that are better than others, and biotechnology is no different. Typically each year, the first quarter is the ...
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4 Top Dividend Industrial Stocks to Buy for a Weaker Dollar

After an extended run higher that lasted over a year, it’s starting to look like the move higher for the U.S. dollar may be just about over. With a very ...
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3 Chip Stocks With High Free Cash Flow to Buy Now

One thing almost all tech investors are well aware of is that semiconductor companies with a high reliance on personal computer sales are struggling and probably should be avoided. Conversely, ...
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Despite Rally, UBS Only Likes 4 Large Cap Exploration and Production Energy Stocks

Many on Wall street are slowly but surely getting on the energy bandwagon, and with good reason. Oil has rallied sharply off the lows posted earlier in the year, and ...
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3 JPMorgan Analysts Focus List Stocks to Buy Now

With the first-quarter earnings reporting more than half over, the numbers for the most part are continuing to come in reasonably solid. Many of the top firms on Wall Street ...
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