Brands and Products

The latest ranking of the world's top 100 companies based on their reputation was released Monday morning. The list might surprise you.
Jeep plans to enter the extreme high end of the sport utility vehicle market with its new Grand Wagoneer. But will the new product overcome the brand's reputation for low quality?
Amazon has the world's most valuable brand, according to the new BrandZ 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2020.
The ads for travel and restaurants may be gone, but some marketers have continued to advertise, and perhaps increased their budgets.
A new study looks at brands associated with individual automobiles and the value of their parent companies. One of these stands out as the most valuable.
Advance Auto Parts on Monday paid $200 million to Eddie Lampert's holding company for the rights to the DieHard brand.
Over a quarter of online shoppers have purchased fake goods online. Some did so on purpose, but most were unwitting victims and many never received a refund from the online seller.
According to market research firm Morning Consult, local delivery service DoorDash was the fastest-growing brand of 2019. Some of the other names on the list of the top 20 brands may surprise you.
Johnson & Johnson has found itself involved in more controversy than the company would prefer to see. But it seems that not even bad news lasts forever.
U.S. consumers buy a lot of nondurable goods like food, beverages, clothing and shoes. The American Customer Satisfaction Index asks them how they like the products they have to choose from.
The Apple brand is worth over $230 billion, according to one of the most closely followed brand studies in the world. The next brand on the list is not even close.
Most major tech brands have risen in value recently, along with the earnings of their parent companies and a growth in customers. However, one of the most famous tech brands in the world is losing...
One of the world's most widely respected brand firms has issued its list of the world's most valuable brands.
According to the Harris 2019 corporate reputation survey, the U.S. government was at the bottom of the results. Even tobacco company Philip Morris and bankrupt retailer Sears ranked higher. is not the most admired company in America. Neither is Walt Disney or Apple. The honor in a new major annual poll goes to the modest-sized grocery chain Wegmans.