Corporate Governance

In public corporations controlled by one family or person, poor decisions have no consequences and bad management is rewarded.
Now that Bob Chapek is back as Disney CEO, he may want to be board chair again too.
Monday’s additional top analyst upgrades and downgrades were on American Express, Canadian Natural Resources, Carvana, Cigna, Comerica, ConocoPhillips, Walt Disney and more.
Disney has replaced Bob Chapek with Robert Iger, Chapek's predecessor as CEO and the guy who recommended Chapek for the job. That may not sound like progress, but it is.
Shouldn't a public intoxication and trespassing scandal get an executive fired? Apparently not at Tyson Foods.
Though Vince McMahon was ousted from his job as chief executive officer of World Wrestling Entertainment, he remains a stockholder with a controlling interest.
Founders who control companies have stepped down before, and usually have done so for the benefit of shareholders. It looks like Mark Zuckerberg’s turn.
As Bed Bath & Beyond slides toward extinction, hopefully the new CEO will be paid well for the situation she has put herself in.
What kind of CEO continues to fire people without admitting to what have been several mistaken changes in strategy?
New Starbucks CEO Laxman Narasimhan has been handed a roadmap he is not supposed to deviate from.
Peloton Interactive's co-founder and former chief executive was pushed out of his job, but does John Foley remain in control of the company?
Carvana has become America’s worst-managed company. CEO Ernie Garcia III and his father Ernie Garcia II have done irreparable damage to their shareholders. It shows in the stock price. Its...
If Elon Musk has his way, many of Twitter's leaders suddenly will find themselves without jobs.
In addition to promising 2023 delivery of the long-awaited Cybertruck, Tesla is looking to build more manufacturing plants around the world.
Although dozens of U.S. corporations have suspended operations in Russia, some companies are still operating in the country. Here are 10 of the largest.