Corporate Governance

Apple has reportedly hired another auto industry veteran to help it get an Apple Car (whatever and whenever that will be) to market.
Apple's insistence on a 30% commission from apps available through its App Store is a threat to the burgeoning creator economy, and Facebook and Instagram are looking to move in.
As Apple continues to strengthen its hold on user privacy, it is also upending some business models.
Apple announced a slew of new products at Monday's Worldwide Developer Conference, and a long-time Apple bull sees the company's market cap reaching $3 trillion in 2022.
Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicks off Monday and its probably a good thing that the meeting is virtual this year.
Apple is rumored to have a few surprise product announcements ready for next week's Worldwide Developer Conference.
A new Apple-commissioned study reports that the company's App Store fostered $643 billion in sales and billings last year, while a well-known analyst thinks Apple missed a chance by not acquiring MGM...
Apple released its 2020 supplier responsibility report over the weekend. The 113-page document offers piles of data on the company's efforts to make sure its global supply chain supports the...
Apple is advertising for a business development manager to take charge of the company's alternative payments partnerships. This could be a big deal.
New York Times columnist Farhad Manjoo takes Epic's side in the just-concluded trial, and Tesla follows Apple's lead in managing customer data collected in China.
The trial pitting Apple and Fortnite developer Epic Games has concluded and a verdict could come by mid-August. Netflix is considering launching a competitor to Apple Arcade, and another iOS update...
The trial pitting Apple against Fortnite developer Epic Games is expected to wind up Monday. Apple reportedly has denied a request from Facebook to remove negative reviews of the social media giant.
Apple CEO Tim Cook is scheduled to appear in court Friday to defend his company's App Store in a case alleging anti-competitive practices.
A former Facebook ad executive who joined Apple last month has left his new job following complaints from other Apple employees about some of his statements.
Turning off an app's tracking capability is wildly popular with iPhone owners. That's probably not what ad-tech firms and ad-supported sites like Facebook wanted to hear.