Corporate Governance

Carvana has become America’s worst-managed company. CEO Ernie Garcia III and his father Ernie Garcia II have done irreparable damage to their shareholders. It shows in the stock price. Its...
If Elon Musk has his way, many of Twitter's leaders suddenly will find themselves without jobs.
In addition to promising 2023 delivery of the long-awaited Cybertruck, Tesla is looking to build more manufacturing plants around the world.
Although dozens of U.S. corporations have suspended operations in Russia, some companies are still operating in the country. Here are 10 of the largest.
An alleged scam app reappears in the App Store, and a report says Apple sent a team to Korea to find suppliers for electronic components for its Apple Car.
Apple's new Private Relay feature may not be so bad after all. The company is also being sued for continuing to offer an allegedly copyright-infringing mobile game.
Apple's recently released Private Relay feature is riling up wireless carriers in both the United States and Europe.
Another high-profile AirTags stalking incident was reported, and an argument was made for Apple to spend more effort on adding financial management to its ecosystem.
Another top engineer leaves Apple, while Tim Cook gets a $100 million payday. Plus, what an Apple camera might look like.
Get prepared for a year-long stream of stories about a coming Apple headset to compete with Meta Platforms' Oculus.
Apple briefly reaches a $3 trillion market cap less than 18 months after topping the $2 trillion level.
The new year is likely to see bigger news from Apple, as the company could launch eagerly awaited new products like a virtual/mixed reality headset and more.
For the second consecutive month, Apple has captured the highest market share in China. The company's November share rose by 15.5% compared to its October total.
Spending on streaming content by the top eight U.S. media companies, including Apple, is expected to exceed $115 billion in 2022.
Apple has been paying surprise bonuses worth as much as $180,000 in an effort to retain top technical talent. The company also has put a Foxconn assembly plant in India on probation.