Corporate Governance

Two component makers, LG Electronics and Magna International, are reportedly near a joint venture deal that would create a company to manufacture Apple's rumored EV.
The latest ranking of the world's top 100 companies based on their reputation was released Monday morning. The list might surprise you.
GameStop takes the next step in its transformation as a company with a plan to nominate a new slate of individuals for its board of directors, including a new board chair who has been a vocal...
For the first quarter of 2021, the number of CEOs who have been replaced is down by about 30% compared to last year.
Apple Podcasts now has more than 2 million episodes in its directory, but most see little activity. Also, Tim Cook talks about AR, and Apple may be coming up with a new design language for its app...
Last year, one American CEO made over $200 million, which is almost 3,000 more than the median compensation of his workers.
Apple CEO Tim Cook talks a bit about an Apple Car. But only a bit and only in code.
GameStop has drawn some high level executives as it is remaking itself. This time, GameStop has attracted a high level Amazon executive.
Bed Bath & Beyond is jumping full on into the digital and e-commerce trend with its new executive hires.
Consumer Reports magazine is taking EV maker Tesla to task for the automaker's in-vehicle camera system that can send recorded video back to the company.
Apple has lost a jury trial in federal court and been ordered to pay more than $300 million. The company said it will appeal, but its legal issues are not behind it yet.
Uber is taking a big step in terms of the benefits for some of its drivers after settling a court case in the United Kingdom.
Social media has been a huge factor in trading recently with Reddit's WallStreetBets and the GameStop trade. However, one California trader took this to the extreme and allegedly committed massive...
Apple's repair service could be threatened by a swarm of legislation seeking more repair options for electronic devices--and tractors.
American Airlines' Monday announcement that it would use its loyalty program as collateral sent the stock up 5%. Moody's was not impressed and said so on Tuesday.