Government Regulation

A new lawsuit alleges that Amazon is using deceptive practices and committing fraud in the sale of batteries from third-party sellers. This lawsuit has a better chance than many to give the...
Amazon has received an exemption that allows Prime Air to be considered an air carrier as it continues development of its drone delivery platform.
The risks of cyberattacks on stock exchanges, banking systems and global financial systems are not new. If targets are lucky, they are only targeted for cyber theft.
The SEC on Wednesday announced looser qualifications necessary to become an accredited investor eligible to invest in private markets where the rewards may be higher and the risks certainly are.
A long-contested copper and gold mine near Bristol Bay along the southwest coast of Alaska was given a go-ahead in late July, but that could be withdrawn if a report that Trump plans to withhold...
It appears that the regulators have decided to go after the United States Oil Fund, the so-called Oil ETF.
Approval for an announced $765 million federal loan to Eastman Kodak has been delayed until the agency granting the loan investigates allegations of insider trading against certain company officials.
Oil and gas pipeline partnership Energy Transfer posted weak results Wednesday and an appellate court ruling on the Dakota Access Pipeline compounds the company's woes.
Trucking firm YRC Worldwide reported a smaller than expected net loss Monday afternoon, but a $700 million low-interest federal loan is what's pushing the stock higher.
The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has issued a list of requirements that Boeing must meet in order to return the 737 Max to regular service. There were no surprises, but the saga may not end...
Microsoft has confirmed that it is discussing a possible purchase of TikTok for U.S. users from its Chinese owner. The company has promised the U.S. president that negotiations will be completed by...
Eastman Kodak is making a fresh move to manufacturing drug ingredients with a $765 million government loan under the direction of President Trump.
Kodak, once a giant in photography, received a $765 million federal loan to begin building a pharmaceutical business.
The inspector general of the U.S. EPA has launched an "evaluation" of the agency's actions earlier this year when it proposed changes to mileage requirements adopted by the Obama administration.
One man is against anything that is tied to corruption or reputational challenges of the sort FirstEnergy faces, and that man is Warren Buffett.