Government Regulation

Apple is working on a project that would extend the control offered by CarPlay to more than just the basic functions it now controls. A U.K. children's rights firm has complained that Apple, among...
A long-time Apple analyst has said that the new iPhone due out this month will include the capability to make satellite calls.
Consumer Reports once again expresses serious concerns with Tesla's Autopilot and FSD system, noting that using public roads and untrained owners as testers puts us all at risk.
Amazon could be broken into pieces, thus blunting its power in both the e-commerce and cloud marketplaces, markets it dominates.
The U.S. FDA has agreed to seek a ban on menthol-flavored cigarettes and flavored cigars at the request of more than a dozen public health and civil rights organizations.
A new release of Apple's iPad Pro is being threatened by a shortage of new display technology. The company also got a stern letter from a U.S. Senate subcommittee.
While the number of data breaches reported so far this year is down, the number of people affected by compromised data has soared by more than 500%.
Tesla has agreed (been forced?) to recall nearly 135,000 vehicles due to a malfunction in certain cars' media control module.
The SEC moved quickly and decisively earlier this week when it filed an emergency action and obtained an order imposing an asset freeze and other emergency relief against Virgil Capital and its...
Chinese regulators on Thursday announced an investigation into some business practices of Alibaba, the country's behemoth e-commerce company.
The U.S. SEC has approved new rules to make it possible for privately held companies to issue new stock in a direct listing IPO. This has big implications for investment banks and, perhaps, SPACs.
There are four U.S. companies that currently have a market value of more than $1 trillion. All four are expected to continue performing well, but, perhaps, not as well as they have this year.
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has thrown cold water on plans to move ahead with privatizing mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac before the Biden administration takes office.
A potential breakup of Facebook, forced by the government, threatens to drive its stock down, and with it the fortune of one of the world's richest persons.
States are beginning to send letters to Americans who received unemployment benefits this year notifying them that they had been inadvertently overpaid.