Dividends and Buybacks

Here are 13 other companies that should seriously entertain splitting their stocks. Splits are of course a gimmick, but the stock market usually rewards companies for splitting their stocks.
While New Residential is not alone in being nowhere close to recovering its pre-recession value, there is a reasonable case that the falling book value woes may be behind it.
Exxon has updated its quarterly earnings considerations. The big question is how exactly Exxon can continue to maintain its massive dividend beyond 2020.
24/7 Wall St. has looked deeper into the new capital restrictions and evaluated how the dividends are looking at the four top money center banks.
News that NextEra Energy is interested in acquiring Duke Energy opens the door for more potential mergers in the industry.
One thing AT&T has going for it is that it has a long history of raising its dividend. Given current circumstances, how much of a dividend hike can be expected now?
These five Dividend Aristocrats have sizable upside to the Wall Street targets and pay at least 4%. In a market that is very long in the tooth, they make sense now.
NextEra Energy Inc. (NYSE: NEE) has created some buzz around its stock on the heels of announcing a 4-for-1 stock split. While stock splits do not technically create anything real value in the...
While name changes are not really anything new, the release concerning Lumen also noted that the company has a bold new purpose.
A hot equity market from some popular stocks has overshadowed the steady payouts from many, less spectacular, but reliable companies. Here are eight overlooked stocks.
Philip Morris International has just announced that it is increasing its regular quarterly dividend by 2.6%.
Announcing stock splits used to be quite common during the bull markets and bubbles of the past. over the past decade, not so much. In fact, many companies do not even care that their stock gets over...
After Friday's close, two very high-profile stock splits are taking place. 24/7 Wall St. thinks there are some other stocks that could and should split their shares in their wake.
Here are 10 of the nation's largest apartment and other residential rental companies that rent to millions of Americans and have dividends that are handily above long-term Treasury yields.
These five stocks that all come with at least a 6% dividend and offer a reasonable degree of safety, offering investors a chance to buy blue-chip sector leaders at discount pricing with huge payouts.