A 24/7 Wall St. analysis reveals that the most active metropolitan area in America is Boulder, Colorado.
A 24/7 Wall St. analysis reveals that the best American city to live in is Burlingame, California.
A 24/7 Tempo analysis reveals that for the second year in a row, San Francisco has the happiest residents.
What goes into an evaluation of whether or not a city is safe. Crime? Personal liberty? Dangerously dirty air? Bad weather brought on by climate change? The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) released...
The American city with the lowest poverty level is also among the smallest and one of the few where the population has dropped since 2010.
New U.S. Census Bureau data shows that people left large cities and moved to suburbs last year, although the trend was not even nationwide.
24/7 Wall St. reviewed violent crime rates in the 295 U.S. cities tracked by the FBI to determine the 25 most dangerous cities in America. The most dangerous city had nearly 2,000 violent crimes for...
Hammered by a downturn in the gaming industry and torn to shreds by Hurricane Sandy, Atlantic City has the highest unemployment rate of any city in the country.
They are mostly old American manufacturing hubs that have lost their manufacturing employers. In a period of modest population growth, these cities shrank handily.
Not surprisingly, five of the 10 fastest-growing U.S. cities are in Texas, which has been the fastest-growing state for years.
New research shows just how deep the homelessness problem is across major cities in the largest state. However, the city with the highest rate of homelessness is not in California.
As Tropical Storm Barry moves toward New Orleans and still may become a hurricane, it will strike a city much smaller than it was just 60 years ago.
Could hackers take control of much of your town's government and essentially hold it for ransom as the only means to get its systems back online? It's a question that is being asked more and more...
A recent report shows that in some American cities, the lifespan can be nearly 30 years longer in one neighborhood than in another.
Picking spots to visit in a foreign country is a matter of local attractions, climate, cost of travel, and often restaurants and hotels. The U.S. keeps a list of countries it is not safe for...