Corporate Performance

IBM's problem is that it has no convincing case that it can return to the top tier of American tech companies. In fact, its chance to do that recedes with each reported quarter.
WeWork may be successful as companies large and small look for places to park workers. Or, like the movie theater business, it could collapse under the weight of the fear people have of enclosed...
Analysts, investors and Wall Street gurus seem to think the worst is over and companies that were beat up initially may be in a sweet position down the line. Here are five companies that have some...
Apple has released the new generation of its smartwatch product, but the growth in sales of the Apple Watch is expected to be far below the global increase in smartwatch sales this year.
FedEx says it will add 70,000 workers to meet holiday demand. The only reason that it would need this army of people is if e-commerce is expected to surge during the period.
Scientific Games was one of Monday’s big winners after the company announced that it had reached an agreement with a credentialed gaming industry investor to buy a significant stake in the company. plans to add an extraordinary number of workers in the United States and Canada. The hiring binge is more bad news for America's brick-and-mortar retailers.
The introduction of the Lucid Air battery-electric cars on Wednesday adds one more strong competitor to the gang arrayed against Tesla.
The deal to rescue one of America's oldest retailers makes sense for lenders and mall owners, but it does not solve J.C. Penney's primary problem.
Boeing delivered more commercial planes in August than it did in July and wrote more orders as well. The numbers remain small, however, and the FAA is looking into a new issue with the company's 787...
Shareholders are far from optimistic about Walmart's prospects. The primary challenge is its large number of stores.
NBA Hall of Fame inductee Michael Jordan will be joining DraftKings as a special advisor to the board of directors.
To say that Zoom has prospered during the COVID-19 pandemic may be an understatement. However, there are plenty of deep-pocketed challengers to the company that took video conferencing to new levels...
Nordstrom's abysmal numbers are a reminder that what was left of brick-and-mortar retail is cratering faster than it was at the start of the year.
Apple's stock price increase has been based in part on a belief that sales of the new iPhone will surge at year-end. Reasons for improved prospects for Amazon and Microsoft are just as convincing.