Corporate Performance

Big names like Walmart and Costco certainly will ride out the pandemic. Surprisingly, dollar stores appear to have a fighting chance too, and they could even offer more upside than the retail...
Tesla shares have continued a rise, lifting its market cap to within striking distance of that of JPMorgan, America's largest bank.
Second-quarter sales from the three major U.S. carmakers fell by more than a third year over year. A recovery in May and June could fizzle though and the summer could be a bust for manufacturers and...
Tesla announced Thursday that it delivered more than 90,000 vehicles in the second quarter despite the fact that its California plant was closed for 41 days due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Francesca’s shares more than doubled on Thursday after the company announced the development of its first mobile e-commerce application.
The market cap of Tesla has risen so rapidly and so far that it has become one of America's 25 most valuable companies by that measure.
Debt rating agency Moody's has downgraded some $130 billion in automakers' debt.
Does Nike's new CEO have a financial or moral obligation to contribute back to the company any of his unbelievable compensation?
Macy's will cut 3,900 jobs as part of a cost-cutting effort. Its CEO made 461 times the median compensation of his workers last year.
An extraordinary quarter of all American newspapers have closed in the past 15 years. Many others are on their last legs.
Hydrogen fuel cell producer Plug Power closed two acquisitions on Wednesday and lifted its revenue and profit targets for 2024.
While the F-150's success is at the heart of Ford's financial performance, the new version will do little to pull Ford out of its deeply troubled position.
What does it say about long-term industry expectations when a leader in the cannabis field is laying off more employees and closing plants as a restructuring effort? is looking to get people back to work in the age of COVID with a recently announced a strategic partnership with Siemens.
As ad revenue continues to decline due to the spread of COVID-19, there will be one winner: