Corporate Performance

Elon Musk can be generous because he does not think generosity counts if Ford has too few EVs on the road for it to matter.
Investors became excited about Gap’s earnings because the retailer is in less trouble than a year ago. However, it is still in trouble.
When tens of thousands of people lose their jobs at McDonald's, where will they go?
Peloton has flown into the side of a mountain. No rebranding or rethinking its business model will save it.
The cost to visit Disney World is outrageous, but Disney has built a brand that draws people anyway.
Disney’s stock is likely to lag the market for some time.
Goldman Sachs has forecast that AI technology will drive corporate profits over the next 10 years. Have the tech giants already won?
Who will buy a Ford F-150 Lightning that costs $100,000? And how many does Ford think it can sell?
With quarter after quarter of disastrous results and a turnaround plan that lost its way early on, Peloton Interactive has made a recall that could end its run as a viable public company.
Ford admits it has a product quality issue it aims to fix. It is not going well.
Bob Iger envisioned streaming as Disney’s future the last time he was CEO. It was not.
Rivian continues to move toward the car model junkyard graveyard. People who buy a Rivian will end up with a collector’s item.
Postal workers must understand that, for the organization to survive, many more must lose their jobs.
A recent headline claimed Ford loses $60,000 on every electric vehicle it sells. Is that so?
How long can Peloton Interactive go on as a public corporation?