Corporate Performance

A crash near Houston killed two occupants of a Tesla Model S sedan. Authorities are trying to determine if the car's self-driving features were engaged and being used correctly.
A street protest/riot in Portland, Oregon, resulted in a fire at the downtown Apple Store and Apple has temporarily closed its Apple Stores in Michigan to help slow the spread of COVID-19.
Apple is the third-most shorted stock on U.S. exchanges and it is also the stock that loses the most money for short sellers. Go figure.
One analyst believes Apple will beat Wall Street's estimates for the March quarter and that growth could go on for a long time.
Two component makers, LG Electronics and Magna International, are reportedly near a joint venture deal that would create a company to manufacture Apple's rumored EV.
A simple query to Apple's Siri voice assistant revealed the date of the company's rumored introduction of a new iPad and possibly other products. And more about screen displays, Apple TV and politics.
The latest ranking of the world's top 100 companies based on their reputation was released Monday morning. The list might surprise you.
A new release of Apple's iPad Pro is being threatened by a shortage of new display technology. The company also got a stern letter from a U.S. Senate subcommittee.
Apple and Epic Games, maker of Fortnite, have filed court documents in Epic's lawsuit against Apple's requirements for listing an app in the App Store.
GameStop takes the next step in its transformation as a company with a plan to nominate a new slate of individuals for its board of directors, including a new board chair who has been a vocal...
The worldwide chip supply shortage is beginning to affect Apple's supply chain for some MacBook and iPad products.
Last year, one American CEO made over $200 million, which is almost 3,000 more than the median compensation of his workers.
Apple Podcasts now has more than 2 million episodes in its directory, but most see little activity. Also, Tim Cook talks about AR, and Apple may be coming up with a new design language for its app...
The debate about whether chief executive officers are paid too much has gone on for decades. Last year, one American CEO made over $200 million, according to new, exclusive analysis.
Apple CEO Tim Cook talks a bit about an Apple Car. But only a bit and only in code.