Corporate Performance

Amazon's Prime Day includes a basketful of savings on a number of Apple devices and a new survey of Apple users shows that a vast majority are choosing to withhold app tracking data from advertisers.
Germany has announced a new investigation into whether Apple is exploiting its market dominance in the company. This is the latest in a series of investigations into the practices of big tech...
Lordstown Motors is the worst managed American company this year and almost certainly has no future.
Streaming music giant Spotify has acquired a podcast discovery service as it works to displace Apple as the leading provider of podcasts.
Apple CEO was interviewed virtually on the opening day of the VivaTech conference in Paris. No news on an Apple Car.
Apple's plans to disrupt the health care sector have achieved only moderate success according to a Wall Street Journal report.
Apple has released an iOS update for older iPhones and quietly reduced its one-year free trial of Apple TV+ to just three months.
Five bills have been introduced in Congress that seek to constrain the way the country's (and the world's) largest tech companies operate.
Apple has reportedly hired another auto industry veteran to help it get an Apple Car (whatever and whenever that will be) to market.
Apple's insistence on a 30% commission from apps available through its App Store is a threat to the burgeoning creator economy, and Facebook and Instagram are looking to move in.
As Apple continues to strengthen its hold on user privacy, it is also upending some business models.
Apple announced a slew of new products at Monday's Worldwide Developer Conference, and a long-time Apple bull sees the company's market cap reaching $3 trillion in 2022.
GameStop is not a turnaround candidate. It faces the same impossible battle as other brick-and-mortar retailers.
Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicks off Monday and its probably a good thing that the meeting is virtual this year.
Apple is rumored to have a few surprise product announcements ready for next week's Worldwide Developer Conference.