Corporate Performance

Amazon's next quarter will prove that its e-commerce business is in decline. Its cloud business may well become the largest share of the company's market cap.
Those who believe the financial situation at Netflix could get no worse should prepare for another rude piece of news.
Boeing's CEO has presided over a series of missteps that would have caused almost any chief executive to lose his job. Yet, he remains at the helm of the aerospace and defense giant.
Warnings about trouble in the economy number in the dozens. Delta Air Lines represents one of these.
Just months ago, sentiment about GM's move into electric vehicles was on the rise. Much of that appears to have disappeared.
Meatless meat was a rage for a while. Beyond Meat was built on a trend that is not gone but is mostly forgotten.
Carvana has joined the long list of hot companies that had massive share price increases but now have fallen to earth.
Ford's future could not have been brighter as the market anticipated its move into the electric pickup market. That optimism has disappeared.
The market has lost all faith in electric vehicle maker Rivian and its chief executive.
FuboTV is too small to compete in the streaming world, and perhaps too small to survive.
Walmart's success may be a sign that Amazon's e-commerce business will never grow quickly again.
Amazon's e-commerce business may have seen its best days, at least in terms of rapid growth. AWS is the engine of the company's success, now and in the future.
Tesla seems to have navigated the parts shortage challenges better than most other manufacturers, and it appears to be on a path to widen its lead on its rivals.
Altria's marketing campaign carries the tagline "Moving Beyond Smoking" but a look at its earnings statement confirms how stunningly large its tobacco business is.
The electric vehicle market has become progressively crowded over the past two years. Here is why Lordstown has no chance of competing in this market.