“American Sniper” Nears $200 Million in Ticket Sales after 2 Weeks

When “American Sniper” opened in wide release (3,555 screens) on Friday January 16th, the film hauled in $105.3 million over the four-day holiday weekend. Considering just the typical three-day weekend ...
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Arab oil

Saudi Arabia Exports 20% of the World’s Oil

On any given day in 2013 nearly 40 million barrels of crude oil were being exported from a producing country to a consuming country. That represented about 44% of ...
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Rivers In The Sky May Help US Drought

NOAA researchers have found Rivers In The Sky which carry more water than the Amazon or Mississippi. And, these could be a critical factor in bringing water to the drought ...
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North Dakota 2.7% Unemployment Will Soar

No state has a lower unemployment rate than North Dakota, where it is 2.7%. No state is at a greater risk to have its unemployment rate soar. Low oil prices get the blame. ...
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Shake Shack IPO

Shake Shack Leads the Parade of IPOs Scheduled for Next Week

Initial public offerings (IPO) were a bit slow getting off the mark in 2015, but the week of January 26 looks ready to make up for the tepid start. A ...
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worker using torch cutter to cut through metal

Union Membership Keeps Falling — BLS Data Summary

Looking back over the past several years, it seems the union movement has shriveled, both in size and influence. Federal government data show that to be true. Union membership has ...
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McDonald’s Still King of High-Calorie, High-Fat Food

Part of the McDonald's Corp. (NYSE: MCD) turnaround is supposed to be an altered menu, which also is supposed to have more healthy food choices. However, the core of the ...
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Gasoline pump

5 States Still Have High Gas Prices

While the average cost of a gallon of regular gasoline in the United States has tumbled to $2.037 as of Saturday, there are still five states where the cost of ...
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buy sell

Insider Buying Stays Solid Despite Roller-Coaster Market Week

Until Thursday's gigantic European quantitative easing rally, all the major indexes were in the red for 2015. Yet the big move up and all the market volatility that has spiked ...
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5 Stocks Under $5 With Gigantic Potential Upside

While for the most part Wall Street tends to keep away from stocks priced in the single digits, sometimes the best opportunities, for aggressive investors, lie there. Typically, stocks priced ...
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Porsche Panamera 2015 model

Audi, Porsche Issue Recall Notices in China

On Friday, Volkswagen's Porsche division said it would recall 13,500 vehicles globally, including more than 9,100 Cayenne and Panamera vehicles in China. The recall affects models built between March 2011 ...
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McDonalds Store

Are McDonald’s 38,000 Locations Too Many?

Based on measures by the month, quarter or year, McDonald's Corp. (NYSE: MCD) revenue is falling. Yet it continues to have more than 38,000 locations. With menu and customer problems, that ...
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down market

The 52-Week Low Club for Friday

January 23, 2015: Here are four stocks among the 82 equities making new 52-week lows today. Dreamworks Animation SKG Inc. (NASDAQ: DWA) posted a new 52-week low on Friday of $18.30. ...
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stock symbol ticker

The 4 Stocks That Sank the DJIA on Friday

January 23, 2015: Markets opened lower on Friday following a strong finish in Asia and higher equities prices in Europe the day after the European Central Bank announced its QE ...
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cloud computing

Box Inc. and Its Investors Hit IPO Jackpot

Cloud-storage and enterprise content collaboration platform Box Inc. (NYSE: BOX) priced its initial public offering (IPO) above the expected range on Thursday and watched as shares skyrocketed nearly 80% shortly ...
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