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9 Energy and Metals Stocks Analysts Want You to Buy Now

Stocks are trading close to all-time highs and this bull market is now seven and a half years old. Metals and energy prices have rebounded sharply so far in 2016. Most ...
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How Analysts Are Changing Tune on Dollar Stores

Dollar General Corp. (NYSE: DG) and Dollar Tree Inc. (NASDAQ: DLTR) both reported earnings before the markets opened on Thursday. The rivalry is continuing between these two, but there is ...
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Some Insiders Still Buying Despite Markets Near Highs: JC Penney, Western Refining, Opko Health, Advance Auto Parts and More

As the major U.S. markets continue to linger near all-time highs, some insider buyers were still out gobbling up stock this past week. It is a bullish sign for the ...
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3 Companies That Destroyed Shareholders Last Week

As the markets have held near all-time highs, they have been somewhat stagnant, with the S&P 500 not moving over 1% in a single trading session for more than a month. As ...
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How Analysts Reacted to Brocade’s Earnings

The reaction from investors to Brocade Communications Inc.'s (NASDAQ: BRCD) quarterly report was swift and ugly: shares opened Friday morning down 2% and dropped nearly 14% before the skid stopped. ...
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Huge Insider Selling Continues With Markets Still Near Highs: Wal-Mart, Facebook, Juniper Networks, Home Depot and More

With the markets still near all-time highs last week, it was not at all surprising for us here at 24/7 Wall St. to see insiders keep selling shares. The names ...
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Top 8 Earnings for the Coming Week

Earnings season has come to an end. Now we are picking up the stragglers that are reporting earnings in the meantime. Although the markets have been in a holding pattern over ...
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IPO Market Closes August with a Whimper

The bad news from the initial public offering (IPO) market last week is than no company was able to enter the public market. The good news is that five new ...
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Almost Half of Blacks Treated Unfairly In ‘Last 30 Days’

In a period during which the tension between Black Americans and police are at a recent high, and the question of how Black American are treated by White Americans, a ...
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Marijuana News Roundup: Pot, Politics, and Money in California

By the time Californians vote on Proposition 64 in November, millions of dollars will have been spent both by backers and opponents of legal recreational marijuana use in the state. ...
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What The iPhone 8 Will Be Like

As analysts, Wall St., and consumers struggle to guess the features and price of the new Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), a few press outlets believe they have captured the features of ...
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Wal-Mart Sues Texas Over Liquor Sales

In Texas, water and oil are not the only things worth fighting over. So is whiskey. In February of 2015, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE: WMT) sued the state of Texas ...
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Venezuela Has World’s Largest Oil Reserves

What is wrong with Venezuela? Food riots. Wild inflation. But, the country has the world's largest oil reserves, even greater than Saudi Arabia According to the CIA Factbook, this is ...
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7 Analyst Stocks Under $10 With Massive Upside

The summer of 2016 is winding to a close, and the market ignored every one of the serious concerns. The high valuations, low volatility, no "sell in May and go ...
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Caterpillar Is DJIA’s Best Performing Stock, Up 22%

The Dow Jones Industrial Average topped 18,000 in mid-April and closed Friday at 18,395.40, up 5.57% for the year to date. The best performing stock among the Dow 30 has ...
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