Blue departures board for asian cities

Will 74 New Airports in China Help Boeing?

As part of the People's Republic of China's recently adopted five-year plan (the 13th since the revolution), the government plans to complete construction on 30 new airports and add another ...
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President’s Day Holiday Quiets IPO Market

The traditional February lull in initial public offerings (IPOs) enters its second and final week, but a much anticipated offering is on tap for the following week. Last week also ...
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medical care

What Are the Odds That Your Medical Information Has Been Stolen?

A recent survey from Accenture showed that 26% U.S. consumers have had their personal medical information stolen from technology systems, and half of those who experienced a breach were victims ...
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LA sunset

Los Angeles Has World’s Worst Traffic Jams

Among 1,064 cities measured based on traffic congestion, Los Angeles ranks as the worst, according to a new study. The research covered 240 cities. Traffic measurements were taken in 38 ...
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Holding gun square

Global Arms Trade Hits Highest Level Since Cold War

The global arms race is on again, based on a measure of arms trade over the past five years, compared to any similarly measured period since the Cold War. The ...
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Top 10 Earnings in the Week Ahead

The Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 have hit consecutive all-time highs over the course of the last week. Some analysts are worried that the markets may have gone ...
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7 Key Retailers Reporting Earnings This Week

24/7 Wall St. has put together a preview of some of the major retailers that will be reporting their quarterly earnings in the coming week. We are at the close ...
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Insider Buying Jumps as Market Hits More All-Time Highs: Arconic, Twitter, Halliburton and More

Despite a wobbly day on Friday, the markets again continued their melt-up last week, with all the indexes at one point hitting all-time highs yet again. With the fourth-quarter reporting ...
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Boeing 737-MAX

Will India’s 43 New Airports Help Boeing?

Demand for air travel rose 23% last year in India, more than double demand growth in China. The growth resulted from more routes and more flights. The latter is expected to ...
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Facebook corporate

Facebook’s Market Value Passes Exxon’s

Earlier this month, the market value of Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) surged past that of Exxon Mobil Corp. (NYSE: XOM) to push the social media giant to sixth in the rankings ...
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Do CEO IQs Matter as Much as Looks?

Is it better for the CEO of a company to be smart or to look smart? Is there such a thing as too smart or too pretty? Does it matter? Maybe ...
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Marijuana, Joint, Bud, Pot, Nug

Marijuana News Roundup: How Safe Is Smoking Pot?

While beliefs that marijuana is a gateway drug or that its use may lead to brain damage or psychosis may finally be on their way out (see another story below), ...
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Trump official portrait

Thousands On eBay Make Money On Trump

The Donald Trump search on eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY) yields tens of thousand of items. The lists shows the extent to which the new president has created a new economy for ...
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Delta Air Lines jet

New York To LA On Delta Flight Offers 168 Free Meals

Delta (NYSE: DAL) has gone back to the age when it offered free meals on long flights, for everyone. On a typical flight from JFK outside New York City to ...
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AT&T Tests Drones To Bolster Cell Reception

According to website, AT&T (NYSE: T) may use flying drones to improve cell reception. AT&T calls the devices "flying COWs" of "cells on wings" The program may help the ...
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