Ford (F) Hits Its Worst Case Scenario

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"Worst case scenario" is a term used by people who have been out of business school for less that two years. It is a buffoon’s way of saying that a firm has gone directly to the Ninth Circle of Hell in the Inferno section of Dante’s The Divine Comedy.

Ford posted its worst day since the company nearly went bankrupt at the end of WW II. The family brought in Henry Ford II, or "HF, The Deuce" as he was known, to fix his grandfather’s operation.

Both Henry Fords are dead and Ford Motor Company is the worse for that.

The car firm’s PR people had the gall to lead off the Ford release on last month’s sales by saying "Higher demand for the fuel-efficient Ford Focus and Ford Escape continued in August, as consumers continued moving to smaller and more fuel-efficient vehicles."

Pushed further down the page were the terrible numbers which showed Ford’s total sales down almost 27% to 155,690. SUV sales were down 53% to under 11,000. Sales of the firm’s flagship, the F-150 pick-up were off almost 42%.

No matter what anyone says, Ford cannot survive selling 155,000 vehicles a month in the US. If gas prices don’t fall sharply along with a recovery of consumer spending, there won’t be much of the company left.

Douglas A. McIntyre