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Apple Is the Most Profitable Company of 2014

Buried among the news of Apple Inc.'s (NASDAQ: AAPL) successful launch of its smartwatch, CEO Tim Cook's $65 million payday and a forecast that the public company's market cap might reach $1 trillion ...
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Over Half of DJIA Stocks Outyield 30-Year Treasury Bond

2015 is becoming a very interesting year. The bull market is now six years old, we are over three years without a true correction and the Federal Reserve is expected ...
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Is Under Armour Becoming the Apple of Apparel?

Under Armour Inc. (NYSE: UA) is perhaps acting like the perfect company, in the perfect industry, at the perfect time. Everything seems to be going right for the company. If ...
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Companies With the Largest Stock Buybacks of All Time

The debate over whether investors prefer stock buybacks or dividends will continue in the years ahead. Companies use both tools under corporate governance for returning capital to their shareholders. And ...
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The Most Shorted Nasdaq Stocks List Once Again Topped by Sirius

Despite a dwindling number of shares sold short between the March 13 and March 31 settlement dates, Sirius XM returned to its place at the top of the list of ...
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Apple, Samsung Drop US Smartphone Market Share in February

For the three-month period ending in February, Samsung Electronics lost 1.1% of market share in the U.S. smartphone market. It now holds a total share of 28.6%. The Korean electronics ...
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Global PC Sales Fall as Lenovo Takes Lead

Years after buying the pioneering personal computer (PC) division of International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE: IBM), Lenovo has turned the company into the largest PC manufacturer in the world. Despite ...
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Who Would, or Even Could, Acquire Twitter?

Is it actually possible that Twitter Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) is in play as the next potential merger or acquisition? There has been a market rumor that the social media feed ...
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The 4 Stocks That Lifted the DJIA on Monday

April 6, 2015: Markets opened lower on Monday as traders reacted to Friday’s report on non-farm payrolls. Investors likely concluded that the poor report on jobs would push a Fed ...
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Wells Fargo Analyst Brings Rare Microsoft Upgrade

Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) has had a tough run for 2015 so far. The stock is down 13% year to date and barely even with its position from a year ...
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Bull and Bear

Top Analyst Upgrades and Downgrades: CONSOL, Garmin, IMAX, Microsoft, SAP, Windstream and More

Stocks were selling off Monday morning. The one trend that has held true for three years now is that investors keep buying their favorite stocks every time the market sells ...
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Why Doesn’t Google’s Stock Recover?

After years of being among the elite group of the world's most successful tech companies, a firm deeply admired for its innovation and rapid sales growth, and one of the hottest ...
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UBS Makes Changes to Equity Focus List for April

As we start into the second quarter of what has already been a very volatile year, many of the top Wall Street firms are making some changes in the lists ...
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5 Stocks to Buy for Big Revenue Growth

With the stock market trading at one of the highest multiples in years, investors looking to stay long stocks need to find companies that are showing significant top line growth. ...
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Key DJIA Stocks at Risk of Setting 52-Week Lows

This year is turning out to be a choppy one for stocks. Now that the bull market is six years old, and now that investors have lined up to buy ...
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