Media Digest 5/20/2010 Reuters, WSJ, NYTimes, FT, Bloomberg

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Reuters:   The Senate was not able to reach consensus on the financial reform bill.

Reuters:   Heavy oil from the BP plc (NYSE: BP) rig came ashore in Louisiana.

Reuters:   Trading systems broke down at several companies during the big sell-off.

Reuters:   Asian stocks hit three-month lows on euro issues.

Reuters:   Oil is trading above $70 on new of US inventories.Reuters:   Up to 20 bidders are interested in Novell.

WSJ:   BP and Shell still buy Iranian oil products.

WSJ:   Money managers are becoming skeptical about the value of the euro.

WSJ:   Google Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG) faces a probe in Europe over its collection of WiFi data.

WSJ:   Exports helped the Japanese economy.

WSJ:   Dubai World reached a deal with it creditors.

WSJ:   US inflation hit a 44-year low.

WSJ:   Most Fed governors favor not selling assets.

WSJ:   CBS Inc. (NYSE: CBS) will go after NBC’s program dominance on Thursday nights.

WSJ:   The Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone has not sold well in China and the cause may be partner China Unicom (NYSE: CHU).

WSJ:   Google plans a Chrome app store leveraging the growing presence of its browser.

WSJ:   Congress questioned the use of dispersants in the oil spill.

WSJ:   Novartis (NYSE: NVS) was hit with a $250 million fine for discriminating against women.

WSJ:   High beef prices are forcing food chains to turn to chicken.

WSJ:   Legislation for car safety may have to be changed because of the cost to auto companies.

WSJ:   Banks are concerned about possible Senate legislation that would force them to hold more capital.

NYT:   Hedge funds are paying whistleblowers who will not get fees from the IRS for years, making money on the transactions.

NYT:   Some banks are being taken over by private investors, an aid to the FDIC.

NYT:   AMR Inc. (NYSE: AMR) executives say the comm[any will not be forced into a merger.

NYT:   The war between Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) and Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) is picking up as PC sales improve.

FT:   Google may release face-recognition technology.

FT:   Dubai World agreed to a $23.5 billion deal on outstanding debt.

FT:   Europeans are trying to restore unity after fighting over ways to defend the euro.

FT:   Sovereign wealth funds are focusing on oil shale.

FT:   US state face a $1 trillion pension gap and US pensions a $2 trillion one.

Bloomberg:   Japan’s economy grew less than expected.

Bloomberg:   The euro’s fair value may be $1.10.

Bloomberg:   The German short selling ban has no allies in the Eurozone.

Douglas A. McIntyre