Boeing (BA) Screws Up

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Boeing (BA) kept saying that its new 787 Dreamliner would be delivered on time in May 2008..

Analysts, the press, and industry experts kept saying "no way". 24/7 Wall St. ran several articles saying the date was not realistic. Production was too far behind. Some parts suppliers were running late. The plane still had to go through a number of trials.

But, Boeing would not bend. It would make the date. Period. For some period of time before it told shareholders otherwise, the company must have known it would miss the date.

Boeing came out yesterday and said that they could not make the date. The 787 is delayed until November or December of next year. It should not have a material impact on financial results. But, shareholders got sucker-punched, which raises an interesting disclosure question.

The stock nose dived from $102 to $97.54 on the announcement.

Douglas A. McIntyre