As Chrysler Looks Overseas, GM, Toyota, And VW Wait

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It would be nice to think that hiring one person could help Chrysler build its business overseas where it has very little market share. The company did pick-up GM’s (GM) former head of China Phil Murtaugh.

But, Chrysler’s path out of the US is blocked by larger and much more well-financed rivals, especially GM, Toyota (TM) and VW. GM and VW are the clear market leaders in China. The European market is fragmented with a number of relatively successful companies which include GM, Toyota, VW, Renault, Mercedes, and Fiat. There is not much room there.

And, in Latin American, GM and Ford (F) are likely to do what is necessary to guard their turf. The region is one of the few where they make real money. The Japanese have seen this and can be expected to be even more aggressive getting their piece of the pie.

Chrysler may want to balance its US sales with units sold outside its home market, but that is easier said than done.

Douglas A. McIntyre