Ford Upgrades Best Selling F-150, A Little

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Why tinker with success? Ford (NYSE: F) has done so with the F-150 pick-up which has been the best selling vehicle in the U.S. for 35 years in a row.

Ford sold 820,799 units of the F-150 last year up 5.2% from 2015. The next best selling vehicle in the country, the GM (NYSE: GM) Chevy Silverado sold 574,876 down 4.3%. The odds that the F-150 will lose its first place crown anytime soon are close to zero

The new, upgraded version of the F-150 will include an optional Pre Collision Assist and Pedestrian Detection System which has been an available option on other vehicles for some time. It will has an available WiFi hot spot, which is not new to the industry either. It towing power will improve due to a more powerful engine with Auto Start-Stop, a turbo diesel 3.0 diesel, and 10 speed transmission.

This new 2018 model will also include upgrades to its outside appearance, which seems like a very most addition

The model seems to have some improvement, but they are very modest