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Closing price July 10, 2020
Amazon has the world's most valuable brand, according to the new BrandZ 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2020.
As ad revenue continues to decline due to the spread of COVID-19, there will be one winner:
The European Commission has opened three investigations into Apple's business practices, and a U.S.-based software firm has complained about those same practices.
The antitrust push against Facebook and other tech giants may be gaining steam but investors don’t seem too worried.
Roku is launching a targeted advertising program that could differentiate it from rivals in the crowded streaming space.
Recent Facebook stock price movements represent the uncertainty surrounding the stock, as the social media giant addresses attacks from inside and outside the company.
The iPhone gets all the attention, but investors shouldn’t forget the other products produced by Apple.
The future of smartphones in the United States and most other major nations is 5G. If Apple gets its share of 5G hardware sales, the stock should stay healthy.
A sustainable rally looks like the theme for Disney stock as parks and properties reopen.
5G is critical to AT&T’s future but Verizon and Sprint/T-Mobile will also be competing hard for market share. A slapdown from the National Advertising Review Board won’t help.
Can Amazon be stopped? The coronavirus has been good for business, its stock is at all-time highs, and its product offerings and revenues keep growing.
Regulators could come up with a number of creative ways to break up Google. The most direct one, however, is to spin out YouTube.
Roku has nearly 40 million accounts and the soon-to-be-launched HBO Max has lots of appealing content. Can they do without each other?  
The launch of HBO Max could give AT&T’s lagging stock a boost, but there’s tough competition in the streaming space.
Facing regulatory probes at the federal and state levels, Facebook plays defense with Oversight Board and offense with American Edge lobbying group.