Motorola Dreams On

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Wall St. has to love Motorola (MOT) no matter how low its stock goes. The company’s CFO told an analyst gathering how much he liked the Apple (AAPL) iPhone touch-screen. That is the one that the media and customer praise so highly.

According to MarketWatch, the head bean counter went on to say that Motorola has marketed phones with some touch-screen controls for several years, primarily in Asia. If demand for that feature remains strong, he said, eventually "we may introduce touch-screens in the U.S."  That would be the same touch-screen that sells so many iPhones.

Maybe it has not occurred to MOT, but getting a device with a number of iPhone features on it into the US could help the company’s effort to get out of the basement in the handset business.

Mr. MOT also mentioned that "Steve Jobs and Apple did companies like Motorola a huge favor on any number of levels" by breaking down the resistance of carriers to new ideas,

A huge favor by grabbing a lot of their customers.

Douglas A McIntyre