Survey Shows No 3G Apple (AAPL) iPhone Hurts Product’s Perception

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ChangeWave Research recently ran a survey about what customers like and disliked about the Apple (AAPL) iPhone and Research-In-Motion (RIMM) Blackberry. At the top of the dislikes among iPhone customers was the lack of 3G capacity. According to the poll "In terms of dislikes, there is no doubt about what iPhone owners hate most. It’s the speed of the AT&T (T) EDGE network."

It is still an open question about when Apple and AT&T (T) will have that fixed. It would argue that iPhone sales could move up sharply when a 3G product comes around.

What iPhone owners liked the most was the "seamless integration of its phone, iPod and Internet browser."

Over at RIMM the feature "BlackBerry users like best is its exceptional access to email." No surprise there.

The survey covered 864 smartphone owners.

Douglas A. McIntyre