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Apple Named Favorite Computer as HP Falters

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The American Customer Satisfaction Survey is among the largest studies of product and service attitudes, with research that covers 10 economic sectors and 47 industries.
The most recent ACSI study was its Household Appliance and Electronics Study 2021-2022. It covers personal computers, TVs, software and appliances. The numbers are based on a survey of 9,271 people polled from July 2021 to June 2022.

The PC portion of the survey showed that satisfaction across all brands did not change between the two years, with an overall industry score of 79.

The survey’s questions covered design, system crashes, ease of operation, availability of apps, processor speed and sound and graphics quality.

The highest rated company was Apple with a score of 82, followed by Samsung at 81. At the bottom of the list, HP scored 78.

Apple’s score should be expected. It ranks high on most customer satisfaction studies. By most estimates, it is the most valuable brand in the world. Aside from its Mac personal computers, it dominates the smartwatch and smartphone arenas. It also offers a huge number of services, from streaming video to its app store.

HP is another matter. The brand is decades old and was first known as Hewlett-Packard. At one point it was one of the largest tech companies in America. Today it is a niche electronics company. Its revenue in the most recent quarter was $14.7 billion, down 4%. Net income was $1.1 billion. Its stock has tumbled about 30% this year.

HP offers among the most popular PCs in America, based on unit sales, and its primary market share rival is Dell. Apple’s unit sales are about half of HP’s.

Retaining market share becomes a challenge when the consumer has a relatively poor impression of a company’s products. The climb HP faces shows up in the ASCI research.

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