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Bing COVID-19 Tracker Report 5/12/2020 (6:22 AM): Global Deaths Near 300,000

According to the Bing COVID-19 Tracker, the number of global cases has reached 4,178,156. Active cases hit 2,435,310, which is 27,387 higher than yesterday. Recovered cases rose twice as fast, by 53,611 to 1,456,493. Deaths number 286,353, up by 3,858. At the current pace, deaths worldwide will reach 300,000 in a matter of days.

Total COVID-19 confirmed cases in the United States hit 1,378,548, which is 33% of the world’s total. The number of active cases increased by 4,703 to 1,077,244, while recovered cases hit 219,813, higher by 9,328. That is about twice as fast as active cases, at least for one day. Fatal cases in America hit 81,491, a gain of 917, and are 29% of the world’s figure.

Illinois Cases Continue Rise, Hurt by Chicago’s Cook County

Illinois remains the number three state in the country based on total confirmed cases of 79,007. Fatal cases total 3,459, a one-day increase of 53. Cases and deaths are centered in Cook County, which includes the City of Chicago. Cook County cases number 31,327, and fatal cases total 1,376, up by 39.

Cook County’s population is 5.15 million. Chicago has a population of 2.7 million.

Michigan Battered, Hurt by Detroit’s Wayne County

Michigan ranks eighth in COVID-19 cases among the states, but its death toll is much higher up the list. Michigan’s confirmed cases are 47,552, and deaths are 4,584, up by 33.

Wayne County, which includes the City of Detroit, has 18,194 confirmed cases. The number of fatal cases increased by eight in a day to 2,105. The county’s population is a modest 1.75 million, and Detroit’s population is 672,662. That is less than half of the city’s population in 1970, when the car industry was booming. More than 32% of families in the city live below the poverty line.

Can South Korea Continue to Be Among COVID-19 Success Stories?

South Korean confirmed cases rank it in 41st place among the nations, with only 10,936. The 258 deaths are extraordinarily low for a country with its population. It ranks 28th in population among all countries at 51,171,706.

Almost all of South Korea’s cases have been in Daegu, well south of Seoul, the largest city. Daegu has had 6,862 confirmed cases and 179 deaths. South Korea’s aggressive testing, contact tracing and lockdown are responsible for the low case and death totals.

However, South Korea has just had some cases discovered in Seoul. The city’s case count now is up to 695, with only two deaths. Seoul is among the world’s largest cities, with a metropolitan area population of about 25,514,000. That is larger than the New York metro population by the same metric. Seoul, the city itself, has a population of about 9,963,000 people.

South Korean officials are worried that a cluster of infections that appears to have started in a nightclub in Seoul could begin to spread to parts of the city. While the figure is still small, the mayor has shut down all the city’s bars.