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Bing Covid-19 Tracker 6/7/2020 (8:04 AM) Brazil Stops Counting, Deaths Near 400,000

According to the Bing Covid-19 Tracker, global confirmed cases have reached 6,896,179. Active cases are 3,409,079. Active cases are 49% of the total of confirmed cases worldwide. Recovered cases are 3,087,315, a surge of 328,600.

Global fatal cases hit 399,785, up 4,552. Deaths are now 6% of the world’s confirmed case total. At the current rate, global deaths will reach 400,000 in a day.

Total confirmed cases in the U.S. hit 1,959,009, Which is 28% of the world’s total.

Active COVID-19 cases in America reached 1,389,914, up 17,501. Recovered cases were 457,721, up 3,875. The increase in active cases was about four times the increase in recovered cases, bad news, at least for the day.

Fatal cases in American reached 111,374 up 666. Deaths have started to rise at a rate of less than 1,000 a day. U.S. deaths are 28% of the world’s total.

Cases In Florida Pick Up Sharply

Florida is the third-largest state in the U.S. by population at 21,477,737, which is 6.4% of the population. Confirmed cases and deaths in the state have started to rise rapidly Current confirmed cases are 62,758. Active cases are 60,070, up 1,242. That is a larger number than the rise in confirmed cases in hard-hit New York State where the rise was 1,071. Deaths rose 28 to 24,212. In New York State, deaths rose by 37.

Massachusetts Continues To Suffer

Total confirmed cases in Massachusetts are 103,132 which puts it fifth among all states. Active cases rose 95,843, up by 521. Deaths rose to 7,289, up by 54. The increase in deaths for the day was higher than in almost any other state.

The theory behind the difficult problem in Massachusetts is that it was hit early by the disease. A meeting of executives from Biogen held on February 26 was likely the start of the COVID-19 spread in the state. The disease quickly made it to the western parts of Massachusetts.

As Brazil Causes Soar, Government Stops Counting

Brazil has become the hardest-hit nation in the world behind the U.S. Confirmed cases have reached 676,494. Active cases hit 338,366, up 16,059. Deaths rose 997 to 36,044. That is a higher increase in deaths than the U.S. count

Many believe that Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro has “managed” COVID-19 case counts to protect himself from public criticism. This, in turn, has led experts to believe the figures from Brazil are too low. Bolsonaro said on Twitter, “The cumulative data … does not reflect the moment the country is in.” At the same time, the nation said it would suspend public reporting of COVID-19 numbers, according to Reuters.