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Bing COVID Tracker 6/28/2020 (8:20 AM): Hard-Hit States Still in Northeast, UK Numbers Remain Troubling

According to the Bing Covid-19 Tracker, global confirmed cases have reached 9,891,727, up 126,730..The figure has surely moved above 10 million very recently.. For weeks, the U.S.,UK, and most of Europe had a drop in the pace of the increase in new cases and deaths, while the figures picked up in Russia, India, Brazil, Peru, and Chile. This is no longer true, particularly due to an extremely big jump in the U.S. cases.

Active cases worldwide are 4,391,085. Active cases are 45% of the total of confirmed cases worldwide. Recovered cases are 5,004,56, up 87,239. The positive difference between recovered cases and active cases continues to show improvement. For several days this daily difference has moved above 500,000, one of the few good signs as the disease continues to spread.

Global fatal cases hit 496,075, up 3,268. At the current death rate, the number has probably just jumped above 500,000. Deaths are just above 5% of the world’s confirmed cases total. The death count is much too low, according to many experts. This is largely because many developing nations cannot track or accurately count numbers.

It is notable that the acceleration of the spread of the disease worldwide is primarily because of an explosion of the spread of the disease in America. The increase in confirmed cases in the U.S. has risen above 30,000 in each of the last five days and jumped by over 45,000 today–a record. Several large states are responsible for the U.S. surge. These include, in particular, the three largest states by population–California, Texas, and Florida. Among them, they have about 26% of the U.S. population total

Total confirmed cases in the U.S. the hardest-hit nation reached 2,556,465, up 45,012. The rise is the largest for a single day since the start of the pandemic. The CDC commented that the actual U.S. confirmed figure may be above 20 million and many of these people did not have any symptoms. The official US confirmed cases are 26% of the world’s total.

Active cases in the U.S. hit 1,645,778. Recovered cases reached 783,235, up by 12,080. It remains a bad sign that active cases are much higher than recovered ones. Deaths in the U.S. reached 127,452, up 528. Most days recently, this figure is close to the daily increase in deaths at the peak in late April and early May.

While Rise In Cases Moves West And South, Northeast States Carries Weight Of Cases

While most of the press coverage recently has centered around large jumps in cases in Texas, California, Florida, and other southern and western states, the hardest hit regions remain in the northeast and midwest. The state with the highest number of cases by far remains New York where confirmed cases are 391,923, up 703. Deaths in New York are 24,830, up 16. California has moved into second place among states based on confirmed cases at 206,433, up 5,972. At the current rate of increase, it would take a month for California’s confirmed case count to match New York. Deaths in California 5,872, up 60. California’s death count is only 24% of the New York figure.

The figures in the third hardest-hit state in the nation, New Jersey, are not far behind California’s and remain ahead of Texas figures. New Jersey, hit early, has 170,873 confirmed cases, up 289. Deaths stand at 13,094, up 34. The numbers in Texas, the fourth hardest-hit state are 143,371 confirmed cases, up 5,747. Deaths are 2,366, up 42. Texas deaths are only 18% of the New Jersey total.

The numbers in Illinois, the fifth hardest-hit state, remain ahead of Florida’s. Confirmed cases in Illinois are 141,077, up 786. Deaths stand at 6,873, up 26. Florida has 132,545 confirmed cases, up 9,585. Deaths stand at 3,390, up 24. Florida’s deaths are 49% of the Illinois total.

While the daily growth rate of confirmed cases has moved to the southern and western parts of America, they have a long way to go to match the extraordinary high figures in New York, New Jersey, and Illinois.

The UK Remains Near The Top Of Troubled Nations

As the rise in cases worldwide has shifted to Brazil, Russia, and India, the U.K remains among the hardest-hit places in the world. Brazil has taken second place behind the U.S. with confirmed cases of 1,315,941, up 35,887. Deaths in the South American country are 57,103, up 994.

Russia is the fourth hardest-hit nation worldwide with confirmed cases of 634,437, up 6,791. Deaths stand at 9,073, up by 104.

India is the fourth hardest-hit nation with confirmed cases of 530,993, up 20,301. Deaths stand at 16,124, up 412.

The UK is still the fifth hardest-hit nation in the world, with confirmed cases of 310,250, up 890. Deaths are 43,514, up 100.

Deaths in the U.K are almost five times those in Russia, and two and a half times those in India. Among the possible reasons is that the U.K. was hit so hard during the early phase of the spread of the disease, and at some point deaths in Russia and India will catch up to the U.K. number.