Boeing vs. Airbus: 5 Major Differences and How the Companies Compare

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When you get on an airplane, odds are there’s no difference between them. The only thing that matters is getting to whatever destination you have your eyes set on. Believe it or not, the two main companies who make the airplanes we fly on do it differently. It’s hard for regular people who aren’t in an airplane all the time to recognize some of these subtle differences. It shouldn’t come as a shock, though. Not every car we drive is the same. Different companies do it in different ways. All that matters is it gets you wherever you need to. These are the five main differences between Boeing (NYSE: BA) and Airbus (OTCMKTS: EADSY), the two biggest airline manufacturers.

Airbus Planes Make a Distinct Noise During Flight

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If you’ve ever been on an Airbus flight, you’ve probably heard a weird noise that sounds like the churning of metal together. You might be afraid of what’s going on to cause this sound. It makes sense to be afraid, especially because this can happen during the flight. However, there’s no reason to fear. This is how the hydraulics on an Airbus plane work. The Power Transfer Unit was built and put into the plane to make sure the pressure on the hydraulics was good during the flight. Given all of the altitude and pressure changes, it’s a good thing that this is working. Boeing planes also do this but are much quieter than an Airbus.

Boeing’s History With a Particular Airline

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While both airlines have a rich history with aviation and how it’s become what it is today. William Boeing, who first started Boeing, wanted to dive into the airline transportation industry. He was passionate about being one of the first airline postal delivery companies and wanted to also be a public flying company. Boeing would then go on to create an airline he would call United Aircraft and Transportation Corporation in 1928. A few years later in 1931, they would add on a few more small airline companies. Once they had these new companies, he renamed the company to United Airlines, the one we all know today.

The Door on the Plane Is Different

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That’s right. Not all airplane doors are made the same. It’s easy to tell if you’re going to be on an Airbus or Boeing based on the door. If you look at the door and it opens outwards, like how a minivan door opens up, you’re going to be on an Airbus. If the door opens up crossway, like how a regular door opens up, you’re going to be on a Boeing. Even though the two sets of doors open differently, they still function the same and are safe to fly in. The only time you’d need to know this is if you’re sitting in an exit row and something were to happen, it’s best to be prepared.

How the Cockpit is Designed

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Odds are, if you have no experience as a pilot, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two cockpits on a given airplane. However, pilots can tell the massive difference. An Airbus plane has what looks like a gear shifter like you’d find in cars. This is how they steer the plane whenever they need to do so. Boeing airplanes have a two-hand grip to twist and turn whenever they need to move the plane around. Airbus planes also have a lot of computer-generated information that helps the plane steer and get around while Boeing planes don’t have as much information stored and rely on the pilot to do more.

The Things They Create Other Than Airplanes

While it’s true both companies have expanded from making things other than planes, the businesses they’re in are drastically different. Something Airbus has gotten into is the helicopter business. They pride themselves on being one of the world’s best commercial helicopter brands. While Boeing does work on helicopters, they do so only for our defense and government.

Do Airbus and Boeing Have Any Similarities?

Even though this article talks a lot about how the two companies are different, a lot of what they do is the same. The mechanics behind most of the planes, the way they design seats, the window placement, that’s all the same. The two companies also have contracts with the defense of our country, as talked about previously. Aside from that, both companies are also interested in the exploration of space.

Boeing is also worth slightly more than Airbus. They’re worth $130 billion while Airbus is worth around $105 billion. Even with the close value of the companies, Boeing’s stock is going for $217.71, while Airbus is selling for $36.38. Boeing just has bigger government contracts, helping the bottom line a bit more for Wall Street. Both companies are very successful when it comes to air transport. It’s weird to think of airplanes being like cars, each design is a little different based on the company who designed it. But at the end of the day, both are amazing companies that have the airline industry set for a long time.

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