Discover the Hottest Temperature Ever Recorded in Oregon

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Oregon is home to the great outdoors and wilderness. You can expect a steady diet of rain, also. Many people like the calming aura of the rain and the constant fresh smell of nature. The trees seem endless and make for some of the most fun exploring you can do. There are tons of little beach towns all up and down the coast to visit. One thing Oregon is also known for is being incredibly warm and sunny during the summer months. Because of where it’s located, the sun shines bright for long hours when it isn’t raining. This can cause temperatures to rise to surprising levels thanks to the low elevation. But just how hot has it ever gotten in Oregon?

What’s the Hottest Temperature Oregon’s Ever Had?

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If you were to be asked what city you think of in Oregon, you’d probably say Portland. However, Pendleton, Oregon is where the hottest temperature in the state has been recorded. Back in August 1898, the heat got up to 119 degrees Fahrenheit, 48 degrees Celsius. This puts Oregon as the 12th highest hottest temperature by state. It’s ahead of places like Florida, Hawaii, and Louisiana. The thing all of these states have in common is their heat is often given off by humidity, not dry heat. Anyone who’s ever felt a humid type of heat knows how uncomfortable and sticky you feel. The air just feels wet and moist, whereas dry heat is a little easier to stomach.

Where is Pendleton?

Pendleton is in the northeastern part of Oregon. You can find the Umatilla River splitting the city in half. The settlers needed a good water source they could routinely count on to survive in the early days. This river also connects to the Columbia River, one of the biggest and longest in Oregon. Pendleton isn’t like some parts of Oregon, as they only see around 13 inches of rain per year, compared to the 37 inches per year Portland gets. The 119 isn’t the only time the city has seen extreme heat, as the highest temperature recorded in June was 117 degrees. Pendleton sits at the base of the Blue Mountains in Oregon, making it hard for heat to escape during sunny days. This is why the city sees some of the highest average temperatures and extremes in the state.

Will Oregon Ever Get This Hot Again?

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Because of global warming, the average temperature in Oregon is projected to rise 5 degrees by 2050. This isn’t confirming that we will for certain ever see a temperature like this again in Oregon. What it says is the odds are higher that we will see a temperature like this because it’s getting hotter. The most likely place in Oregon to see a temperature like this is a place like Pendleton.

It can’t be too close to the coast of Oregon, because the sea will cool off the high temperature and air. It also probably won’t be in a place where it rains during the winter. Portland, which is in one of the nicest counties in the United States, is the best example of this. While it’s true their highest temperature was 116 degrees, the second highest was only 108. Somewhere that’s more centrally located, at a low elevation, and surrounded by mountains is the best bet.

What to Do if You’re Ever Out in This Type of Heat

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Should you ever find yourself out and about in heat like this, it’s important to take cover and be in at least the shadows for as long as you can. The human body wasn’t built to withstand temperatures like this for very long. We can survive for several hours in this heat, which sounds like a lot, but that’s less than one day. If you’re ever going hiking in a place that’s known for being hot, make sure to tell a few people where you’re going and send them your location. Heat exhaustion is a real thing and can be incredibly dangerous to your short and long-term health if not treated properly and taken seriously.

Doctors agree you should try to take around 10 gulps of water every 20 minutes at the bare minimum. Even though extreme temperatures like this might be rare where you live, it’s important to remember this when you’re visiting places like Las Vegas and Phoenix in the summer to party or play golf. Don’t let this deter you from living life or having fun. Just make sure you’re responsible, drink lots of water, and don’t stay in the sun for a long time. There’s a great medium ground to be safe and enjoy life.

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