The Ten Most Surprising Top-Selling Gifts on

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1) Toys & Games
Scrabble Flash Cubes by Hasbro

It’s amazing that the hottest toy on Amazon is  loosely based on a 72-year-old classic board game for aspiring wordsmiths. Stores for kids such as Toys-R-Us may be suffering as adults buy games and toys online.

2) Electronics – Digital Media Devices
Apple TV MC572LL/A (2010)

Although Apple TV has only been available for a short time, it has already spent 26 days on Amazon’s list of top 100 best-selling electronics.  It is currently ranked as the thirteenth best-selling electronic device and is the top-selling digital media device. The product’s increasingly positive reviews, along with the fact that Roku, another streaming digital media device, is right behind it in sales, suggests that media consumption is moving away from the DVD, hurting stores that sell the new devices and old DVD Blu-ray players.

3) Books
George Bush’s “Decision Points”

George Bush’s autobiography beat out a lot of top-selling books, including three popular Steig Larssen novels about a girl kicking things and Keith Richards’ autobiography. Traditional print, and the stores that sell them like Barnes & Noble, are expected to continue to suffer this holiday season as e-books rise in popularity. This only leaves the stores the market for brand new hardcover books – a market Amazon does not seem to be leaving.

4) Electronics – Cellphones With Service
BlackBerry Pearl 8130 with Sprint

Considering the direction BlackBerry phones are taking in the smartphone market, it is surprising the BlackBerry Pearl beats out many popular devices, including the Google Android phones like HTC’s Incredible and Motorola’s Droid phones. A trend of buying smartphones online should hurt bricks-and mortar franchises – in this case, the Sprint store.

5) Sports and Outdoors – Clothing and Accessories
Indianapolis Colts Classic Adjustable Baseball Hat

Sportswear with team logos is always popular around the holidays, especially as football season approaches its peak. Sporting goods stores including Sports Authority rely on gift items such as team hats and coats to boost December sales.  Amazon’s strength in this category comes at their expense.