This Is the City With the Most Pizza Places

Americans eat an average of 46 slices of pizza a year. The USDA claims that 13% of Americans eat pizza every day.  The Washington Post reports that people in the U.S. eat 100 acres of pizza per day, although that is an extremely odd measurement.

Several of the largest fast-food companies in the U.S. are pizza chains. Pizza Hut ranks 6th in locations with 18,700 locations. That puts it behind Subway, McDonald’s, Starbucks, KFC, and Burger King. Domino’s ranks 7th with just over 17,000 locations. Two large public companies are in the pizza retail business. Those are Domino’s and Papa John’s. Domino’s has a market value of $19 billion. The figure of Papa John’s is $4.7 billion.

Analysts at The Family Vacation Guide looked at the number of pizza locations around the country. They then took the count by city. Finally, they calculated the ratio of pizza locations to population to rank the cities with the largest number of locations per 100,000 people. The research relied on information from Tripadvisor and Grubhub. The universe of cities was based on the 100 largest ranked by population.

The raw count of locations by city shows the three largest U.S. cities by population had the most pizza stores.  New York had 1,167, Los Angeles had 658, and Chicago had 628.

On a per 100,000 basis, Orlando, home to Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort, had 126 per 100,000 people. It listed the top five ranked locations:

NYPD Pizza
Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza
Flippers Pizzeria
Pizza Xtreme
Flippers Pizzeria

Next on the list of cities was Plano TX with 120 per 100,000. It was followed by St. Louis with 97 per 100,000, Pittsburgh at 96, and Scottsdale at 94.

There was no area of the U.S. where the cities with the most pizza stores per 100,000 were clustered geographically. Arizona had two. California had four. New York State had one, New Jersey had two.

It would appear that the pizza industry has a bright future even with the COVID-19 pandemic worsening again. Unlike many fast food establishments, pizza retailers often deliver their products to customers’ homes.

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