Who Actually Owns Target

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Target (NYSE: T) has positioned itself as one of the trendiest places to shop. They did a marketing blitz aimed at the Millennials to make it seem as though everything they did would amplify your home. Another thing they did was make it seem like they always had great things in every corner of the store, forcing you to walk around and make sure you didn’t miss a thing.

There have been numerous posts on X, formerly known as Twitter, that talk about how going to Target and walking around is more of a therapeutic experience than we might have realized. For what it’s worth, the inside of every Target seems to be much cleaner than any of the competitor shops. There are tons of different things to look at. The store seems to be lighter on the inside, making it feel more like home. Even though there are some things you shouldn’t buy here, Target still hits the nail on the head.

There are also never any fights or outbursts at Target. This gives it an elegant feeling that many other stores don’t have. Who exactly owns Target and comes up with these amazing ideas of how to give the store a better feeling than most others?

Who Owns Target?

Anyone can purchase a share or partial share of Target and become a part owner.

As of December 2023, Target is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. This means they don’t have one singular owner, but instead multiple owners. Anyone can purchase a share or partial share of Target and become a part owner. This has allowed the company to continue to raise money for expanding and creating new products. Because Target is a public company, there are a lot of people who are near the top where decisions are made.

Brian Cornell is currently the Chairman and CEO of Target, making him the highest-ranked official in the group. Katie Boylan, Brett Craig, and Kiera Fernandez are three other high-ranking Vice Presidents within the Target Corporation. One thing Target does is keep former CEOs and other high-ranking members on the board. This is because they’re already familiar with the company and still have a decent share of the company thanks to their previous positions.

Even though there’s not one singular owner of Target, there are plenty of smart people near the top to make sure only good decisions are made for the company. Thanks to recent history, it’s correct to assume Target has the right people near the top.

What’s the History of Target?

Entrance to Target’s newly redesigned store outside of Houston, Texas

George Dayton purchased Goodfellow Dry Goods and changed the name to Dayton’s Dry Goods in 1903. He ran this store until the 1960s when the first Target would be opened up. Target had its IPO in 1967, shortly after the first Target was opened up. It makes sense that Target would go public during this time, thanks to how quickly they were expanding. One of the main reasons companies go public is as a way to raise capital without having to take out loans with interest rates.

Going public allowed Target to get out of just Minnesota since the company had become such a success in such a short time. The store would be held under the Dayton Corporation since George Dayton wanted his name on it. Target wasn’t the only major brand to end up under this umbrella company. Marshall Field’s is a large department chain that’s located in the greater Chicago area. It was held by Dayton up until Macy’s purchased the company.

It wasn’t until 2000 that the parent company was renamed the Target Corporation. Target is one of the most popular stocks to purchase on the market. It’s rare to see a company that you can almost feel assured is going to continue its profit rates.

What Might Target’s Stock Get To?

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Target can rise to $178 per share by the end of 2024.

Because Target has done such a great job with marketing toward the younger crowd, their profits will only continue to rise. This is because all of the younger people are getting jobs and making more money to spend. As of December 2023, the stock is selling for $133 per share. Surprisingly, the stock has lost money over the past year, but in the last five, it’s seen remarkable growth.

Another great reason to invest in Target is because the company has split shares in the past. Even though it’s not as common, the fact that they’re trying to make it easier for more people to get involved shows they care about the common person. Some estimates predict Target can rise to $178 per share by the end of 2024.

This would be a wildly successful year for the company and shouldn’t shock anyone. Target will always be a force in the shopping industry and is always looking for ways to expand its profile.

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