Domino’s Lazy Customer App

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Domino’s Pizza Inc. (NYSE: DPZ) has released an app for those who know what they want before they order it. The app links to past pizza orders and eating patterns of customers. These customers place on order without an order. Open the app, and Domino’s orders before an order can be made.

The app, created for consumers who never change an order, creates a problem for Domino’s. Customers who might upgrade their orders, or alter them to spend more money, are encouraged¬†to skip the chance to give Domino’s the additional revenue. In exchange, the pizza company believes the ease of the new order process will add to sales.

Domino’s management describes the initiative:

Domino’s is launching the easiest way for consumers to order yet: zero-click ordering. Domino’s new Zero Click app for iOS and Android is available beginning today and allows customers to easily place their Easy Order.

When Domino’s launched the Easy Order in 2013, which refined the ordering experience down to five clicks, it seemed like the height of convenience for consumers. It wasn’t.

Zero-click ordering is as easy as it sounds. Download the app and link it to a Domino’s Pizza Profile. When the new app is opened, the saved Easy Order is automatically re-ordered without a single tap, swipe or click. Customers will see a 10-second countdown timer before the order is placed (giving consumers a chance to stop their order) and voila!

Voila indeed. What about the customer who no longer thinks about upgrading from a small cheese pizza to an extra-large with a dozen toppings?