Special Report

The Most Popular Brand in Each State

11. Hawaii
> Brand:
> Nationwide total brand searches: 6,657,890

With more than 6.5 million Google searches nationwide over the 12 months through September, Toyota is the most Googled car company in the United States. Three of the ten best selling vehicles in the U.S. last month were made by Toyota. In Hawaii, the brand is even more popular. According to the magazine Popular Mechanics, the Toyota Tacoma sells around eight times faster in Hawaii than it does across the nation. Hawaii is also the only state in the country where Toyota was the most popular brand based on Internet searches.

12. Idaho
> Brand:
> Nationwide total brand searches: 29,533,010

With nearly 30 million total searches nationwide, Netflix is among the most frequently Googled brands in America. Like many of the most commonly searched brands, Netflix’s primary product is itself web based. Maine is the only other state where Netflix is the most popular brand.

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13. Illinois
> Brand:
> Nationwide total brand searches: 10,938,380

Illinois is the only state in the country where Walgreens is the most popular brand based on Google’s measure of search interest. Nationally, it is the most widely Googled drugstore with nearly 11 million searches. Walgreens is headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, which likely contributed to the high brand awareness among state residents.

14. Indiana
> Brand:
> Nationwide total brand searches: 751,990

Relative to the national search rate, Nestlé is the most disproportionately Googled brand in Indiana. Indiana is one of three states that grows roughly 90% of all cooking pumpkins in the country. And Libby’s, a subsidiary of Nestle, cans and sells many of these pumpkins around the Thanksgiving holiday. This year, the company may not be able to meet the demand as less than optimal weather cut the pumpkin supply in half. Very few Americans know Nestle’s full brand catalog includes Libby’s. As a result, it is unlikely the company’s local interest is contributing Nestle’s search popularity.

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15. Iowa
> Brand:
John Deere
> Nationwide total brand searches: 301,000

Much of Iowa’s economy is based on agriculture. It is perhaps no surprise that John Deere, a manufacturer of tractors, combines, tillers and other farming equipment, is the brand with the highest concentration of searches compared to other brands in Iowa.