Special Report

The Most Popular Brand in Each State

26. Montana
> Brand:
> Nationwide total brand searches: 6,120,000

Expedia.com, an online travel agency, is the most popular brand search among Montana residents. Delta Airlines is also the subject of a large portion of the state’s Google searches. Expedia.com facilitates airline bookings among other travel servies, and the site is visited more frequently than most airlines. Southwest Airlines, which sells a majority of its tickets through its own website, is the only exception.

27. Nebraska
> Brand:
> Nationwide total brand searches: 1,000,000

Though it is far from being the most commonly searched television network in the United States, CBS is the most disproportionately commonly searched brand in Nebraska. The CBS network is home to several hit series, including “The Big Bang Theory”, “The Good Wife” and “Criminal Minds”.

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28. Nevada
> Brand:
Johnnie Walker
> Nationwide total brand searches: 49,500

Nevada, and Las Vegas in particular, is famous for alcohol consumption. Las Vegas’s entertainment industry and its short list of drinking laws — it is legal to drink in public, for example — attract millions of tourists each year. It is therefore perhaps no surprise that the most popular search term on Google in Nevada is Johnnie Walker, the most widely distributed Scotch whiskey.

29. New Hampshire
> Brand:
Home Depot
> Nationwide total brand searches: 20,803,430

New Hampshire’s Live Free or Die state motto is indicative of an independent, and to a large extent self-sustaining, population. The state’s cultural focus on independence may have an impact on New Hampshire’s most unusually high-volume search, the do-it-yourself hardware superstore Home Depot.

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30. New Jersey
> Brand:
Campbell Soup
> Nationwide total brand searches: 6,690,590

Campbell Soup was started in Camden, New Jersey, where it is still headquartered. Not surprisingly, Campbell Soup is the most popularly searched term among brands Googled in New Jersey. Campbell Soup decided against leaving the state in 2007, and has since been essential to the redevelopment of Camden.