Special Report

Canadian Slang and Phrases Americans Just Don't Understand

Source: Rittikrai_PIX / Getty Images

16. Klick

Klick is colloquial term for kilometre — or the American spelling kilometer — as in, “The store is just 7 klicks away.”

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17. Processed cheese

What Americans refer to as American cheese, Canadians call processed cheese. Enough said.

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18. Deke

With origins in hockey (Canadians don’t specify ice hockey as that’s usually what they mean), deke means to take an opponent out of position by faking a move.

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19. Stag and stagette parties

Americans have bachelors parties, but Canadians kept the British term — stag party. And the bachelorettes? They have a stagette.

Source: Courtesy of LCBO

20. Two-four

Another uniquely Canadian boozy reference, this one simply means a case of 24 beers. “Case” usually refers to a case of 12 beers, and half-sack to a six pack (of beer).