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17 Popular Products You Can’t Find Outside of America

American culture and influence has spread globally since early in the last century, in part thanks to Hollywood. Be it Coca Cola, Nike, or rap music, people worldwide have adopted everything American — well, almost. For different reasons, some products simply can’t get a foothold outside the U.S.

Those reasons can include differences in culture and tastes. An obvious example is the American notion that bigger is better, leading to bigger cars, bigger portions, and warehouse stores — none of which have been fully embraced by most of the rest of the world. 

Taste differences also contribute to non-Americans’ dislike of some very American foods. Even American staples such as the peanut butter and jelly sandwich or American cheese tend to raise an eyebrow elsewhere on the planet. 

Then there are trade reasons, such as banned substances, tariffs, sanctions, or other more technical factors that prevent non-Americans from experiencing popular American products. Some of these products are currently made entirely or primarily in the United States, which can help explain why these products are popular in the states but hard to find elsewhere. These are some other surprising products still made in America

These are popular products that are much harder to find abroad than in the U.S.